Ford Focus RS Takes On E93 And F80 BMW M3s In Mexico

Regardless of the generation, the Ford Focus RS proved on numerous occasions that it’s one of the best in the hot hatch segment.

As for the four-wheel drive Mk3 depicted on film below, it took on a couple of more established rivals, with surprising results.

Though it’s not a stock example but rather a tuned one, there’s no word on its exact output. Even in standard form, however, its pretty quick thanks to its 2.3-liter four-pot that puts out a healthy 350 horsepower. Combine that with all-wheel drive, and the 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) acceleration takes only 4.7 seconds, while top seed was 165 mph (266 km/h).

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In the first race, this tuned RS went up against a BMW M3 E93 said to have been modified as well. No performance numbers have been divulged, but the naturally aspirated V8, that in this case comes with a 7-speed DCT transmission, was already good for 414 horses before the tuning job.

After going shoulder to shoulder with the older M3, the Focus RS then lined up at the start line for another run, this time against an M3 F80. According to the video uploader, this one hasn’t been tampered with, which means that its twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six still pumps out 425 hp.

The races took place on a public road, late at night, somewhere in Mexico. Unlike another filmed in the country last fall, which saw a Lamborghini Huracan Performante going for an unintended off-roading session, this (illegal?) street drag race wasn’t marred by any unpleasant incidents.


  • Six_Tymes

    not to support illegal racing on roads, OBVIOUSLY this shouldn’t happen on public roads. BUT, I am happy to see the RS win. I hate what M3’s have become, fat over weight look at me I drive a BMW boulevard cruisers. I just hope Ford does the RS name justice again with the next generation version that I think is due out in 2020 or 21? Or close to that date

  • Troy

    No doubt, the Focus is an awesome car and I’m sure it’s A LOT of fun to drive. But something appears not right here. Whom ever is driving the M3 seems to not be driving it to it’s full capacity. First, you can tell the M3 is left in auto mode and second, it sounds like the M3 is shifting at a relatively low RPM. We all know that all of the power of that V8 is very high in the RPM range. So…the M3 driver should use the paddle shifters of the DCT and let the V8 redline at 8.3k and try again.

    • willhaven

      I would bet a tuned Focus RS makes similar (if not more) power to the E90/2 M3 and it definitely makes more torque.

      • Gromanons

        It doesn’t actually, just lighter and AWD. Btw that same Focus RS gets beaten by tuned Golf R.

        • willhaven

          You’re right. I just checked tune only dyno sheets for the RS and it sits around 330whp which is less than a stock M3.

  • robotlogic

    I’d rather see them race on a road coarse, any idiot can drive fast in a strait line (Except for cars and coffee Mustang owners).

  • Gromanons

    Only that this Focus RS gets beaten by tuned Golf R on pump gas…

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