Self-Driving Tesla Killed Autonomous Promobot In (Cheeky) Hit-And-Run At CES

While this is, in all likelihood, nothing more than a PR stunt, we can’t help but wonder if this is our first ever case of robot on robot crime. The “incident” took place in Las Vegas during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and the Promobot was reportedly decommissioned.

Before we go any further, if your first question is “what on Earth is a Promobot?” – the answer is an autonomous robot designed for business purposes, able to recognize faces, answer questions and more.

It can even integrate with third-party devices and systems and move while avoiding obstacles, although what it can’t do, apparently, is cross the street safely.

The unit that was “killed” by the Tesla Model S is actually the new Promobot V.4, which was making its way to its CES booth when it suddenly left its trajectory and proceeded into the parking lot.

That’s when the robot was struck by the Tesla EV, itself allegedly operating in autonomous mode, but with a passenger inside. After the crash, the robot ended up on its side, suffering irreparable damage (not really) to its body, head, arm mechanisms and movement platform, according to Promobot themselves, who went on to alert Elon Musk as to what had just happened:

This all looks very tongue-in-cheek, so on that note, all we can say is that if this doesn’t bring on the robot uprising, we don’t know what will.


  • Paul

    Self driving Tesla with a mind of its own and not liking the little guy.

  • Jason Miller

    Obviously a joke. And there is clearly someone in the bushes behind it. Likely with a rope in their hand to pull it down.

    • charlotteharry57

      Maybe, maybe not.

    • scjeff

      Good eye, there is something going on behind it.

    • Fleetwood

      How does that look like a freaking rope? It’s also running horizontal to the object…. Looks like some kinda of shiny object or light ray that appeared and disappeared for like 2-3 seconds.

      We don’t know what that is, but shows more of how desperate Tesla fanboy are to defend everything Tesla.

      • Mark KQZ

        Chill, there is nothing to defend, it’s a joke. Given the speed of the Tesla, the bot should have been forcefully hit yet the bot almost casually lays down after the Tesla is almost past it. You are as desperate to shout ‘fanboy’ as a Tesla fanboy does about Tesla.

        • Fleetwood

          Exactly! Nothing to defend Tesla on how ineffective their system didn’t even detect the object in it’s path.

          Clearly it bothers you enough to also accuse someone of shouting “fanboy.” You clearly reveal how emotionally it hurts you.


          • Mark KQZ

            Oh boy..ok I’ll bite…the bot is obviously not in its path, just as if a pedestrian were waiting to cross the street so no need for any action on the Tesla’s part…go ‘build the wall’ already.

  • Da Only Skid

    Secret govt test. How to take down robots. Promobot was probably another Tesla boy concoction. But let’s all applaud the human that ran to the aid of a sentinel.

  • Dude

    The robot wars have begun

  • Six_Tymes

    PR stunt, sickening considering that lady was KILLED not that long ago by UBER. this is the lowest of the low promotional “stunt” I have ever seen.

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