Tesla Drivers Can Easily Tow Away Pickups Blocking Superchargers

Prior to the end of 2018, reports about a worrying trend of pickup truck owners intentionally blocking Tesla Supercharger stations in the U.S. started to emerge.

Dubbed ‘ICE-ing’ by Tesla owners, the practice has upset many and left people asking “what can be done?” As it turns out, there’s a relatively easy way, though it’s up to the blocked drivers to decide whether it’s worth doing so.

In a bid to show how ‘ICE-ing’ can be rectified, YouTuber Tesla Trip decided to take his Model X to a local Supercharging station, revealing how the “war” can be won.

The solution is very simple, Jalopnik reports. All the YouTuber does is attach a tow rope to a large Chevrolet Silverado parked in front of a Supercharger station, gets on the throttle of his Model X, and simply tows the huge pickup out of the way. Thanks to the Model X’s powerful electric motors, towing a vehicle like the Silverado is easy, even with the pickup’s emergency brake engaged.

The video itself was staged and the Silverado used is actually owned by the sister of the Tesla driver. Nevertheless, it does teach us that not even a gargantuan pickup truck can stop a Tesla from getting a top-up of electricity.

We don’t recommend Tesla owners actually follow this practice, however, as it could easily lead to some rather unsavory confrontations. Lawmakers in various states across the U.S. are trying to prevent ‘ICE-ing’ becoming a common occurrence with changes to the law.


  • ChrisInIL

    Oh, look…a cockfight.

    • Mr. EP9

      I thought that was illegal?

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Is this the muskox maneuver?

  • eb110americana

    I’d totally do this if I owned a Tesla and couldn’t get to the charger due to an ICE vehicle. What kind of lasting harm would it even do? Just don’t tow them into any obstacles. Maybe leave their truck at the other side of the lot just to spook ’em until they notice it. (For the record, I own two gas cars which do not get over 30 MPG and zero electric cars.)

    • SgtBeavis

      You should perhaps think that through. The kind of douche bags that do an ICE are probably probably carrying a firearm or two.

  • kachuks

    I hate to do this. But did he have to be sporting the stereotypical facial hair and emasculated/apologetic voice?

    Now i have to find some way to get in touch with my socially progressive side for thinking such things.

    • TheAmerican

      Because Tesla owner.

  • brn

    Only the rear brakes were on, no weight in the rear of the truck. Any car could tow the pickup.

    • Dude

      Even my friend’s smart car?

      • Day_Trader

        Even your friends’s mom’s Fiat 500 💥

      • brn

        Your “friends” smart car? Let’s pretend it’s not yours. 😉

        • Dude

          Ya got me. It actually his girlfriends. (not lie)

          My car sucks too but only because my Pilot’s transmission fell apart 😭

          • Shobin Drogan

            How did you censor the bottom half of your comment? What sorcery is this?

          • Dude

            You have to enclose it with spoiler tags. There should be a button for it but it doesn’t always work for me

          • Shobin Drogan

            I see, good to know! 🙂


  • TheAmerican

    Yeah. Let’s tell tesla owners to ruin the transmissions of other vehicles. I’m not saying that parking an ICE vehicle into an electric spot is okay, but at least they aren’t doing any harm to other people’s property.

    • brn

      The guy in the video came off as this is something he’d never actually do. It might give others an idea though.

      Best answer is for the property owner to call a tow truck.

    • Astonman

      So what would you do if someone parked their vehicles blocking access to the only gas station in town and you’re out of gas?

      • Jay

        Call the police and have them get them to move it?

        • Astonman

          Good answer

    • JL T0x

      similar to when people illegally park. if there’s some drivetrain damage when the tow company pulls their car, that’s the fault of the person that illegally parked. people take unnecessary risks & get burned.

  • Did anyone mention parking brakes?

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Yes, they pulled the parking brake. It only locks the rear wheels though.

  • Not that I condone the Tesla owner but those who park deliberately at charging station start it.

  • Incog Nito

    Well, calling a tow truck would be a smarter idea.

    • JL T0x

      why would a tow company remove a vehicle from the charging stations? maybe if the vehicle is parked across multiple spots like the pickup in the vid or if the charging station owner has posted a notice & listed a specific towing company.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I get very peeved by the attitudes of the pickup drivers and their knuckle-dragging mentality, but I worry how quickly this will escalate into some ICE vs EV war where windscreens are smashed, tyres are slashed etc. Sad…

  • TB

    That’s awesome….the Chevy owner is a total Douche.

  • JL T0x

    1st of all, the guy SAYS he’s using his sister’s pickup truck to see how well his Tesla X can tow/pull it out of the charging station spaces. No trickery, no click-bait.

    I would’ve liked for him to have done a 2nd try – while putting the pickup in 4×4 & parking brakes engaged. how easily could the Tesla X pull the pickup with those conditions? Cool nonetheless.

    • Benjamin B.

      Towing an automatic-equipped vehicle in park like that is bad for the transmission

  • It SAYS it’s staged, he used his sister’s car.

    • Howfarr

      Hence why i said it..

      • Thanks for repeating something we reading in the article. You’re doing god’s work.

        • Howfarr

          Even though your first reply to me is repeating more of the article?

          Proverbs 28:26:
          “Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered”

          • Your original comment is repeating the article so…kettle, meet pot.

            “Proverbs are stupid.” – Confucius

  • Paul

    Making the Tesla work hard like that uses more battery up ha ha ha.

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