Mustang Shapeshifts Into A Subaru BRZ And Crashes At Cars And Coffee

Cars and Coffee events around the world used to be civilized car shows that brought auto enthusiasts together in a relaxed environment. Most of the time, they still are but Cars and Coffee events have also become synonymous with crashes in recent years.

You could blame it on the Ford Mustang drivers of the world but for some reason, many attendees of these events think they are driving gods. They get spurred on by excited crowds, have a flow of adrenaline and testosterone and suddenly believe they can perform Ken Block-style drifts while leaving these events. They can’t.

The following clip was filmed at a recent Cars and Coffee event in Pensacola, Florida and surprisingly, doesn’t feature a Ford Mustang smashing into a crowd of people. Instead, it shows an overconfident Subaru BRZ driver getting a little too cocky.

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As the driver of the blue BRZ exits the meet and makes a left-hand turn, the driver decides to have a little fun and kick out the tail of the rear-wheel drive sports car. Initially, the driver appears to be in control of the slide but before long, the car violently kicks back the other way and slides directly into a curb and light pole.

We can’t imagine anything worse. Crashing a car is bad but crashing one in a crowd of people while trying to show-off is something else entirely. What’s more, the excited howls and screams from the crowd after the crash only served to rub it in for the driver. It does make for a very funny video though.

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  • GobbleUp


  • ErnieB

    Glad to see no mustangs were hurt during the filming of this!

  • Bo Hanan

    What’s supposed to be a great handling car actually let its measly 195HP engine get away from it.

  • Jason Miller

    Some people just can’t handle RWD.

  • TB

    Ha! Nice! Too me a second but yeah…LOL

  • well deserved.

  • robotlogic

    Auto Confucius says; Ye of little driving talent always finds the pole in the end.

  • ace_9

    I would like to know what went on in the driver’s head when he stepped on the throttle in the middle of a sharp turn. I guess he wanted to make a little power-slide, but power-sliding in one lane next to a curb from one side and cars on the other??? He must have really believed in himself…

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    watta dumb rookie…why keep on throttling when ur spinnin out!

  • Perry F. Bruns

    +5 for the headline. -10 for the subheader. (“…looking there were no other pedestrians to hit…”? What, were you dictating this into Siri?)

  • yomama

    If you can’t control a BRZ/GT86 Toyobaru, you have no business driving period….

  • Eric Torres
  • Paul

    Hey, at least he got past that checkered flag. lol.

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