Excuse This Trucker’s French As He Slams Into 18-Wheeler In Front Of Him

When driving one should never be too relaxed – and that goes double if you’re driving, say, an 18-wheeler.

These trucks are extremely heavy even when they don’t carry any load, so the driver is required to be very careful what’s going on ahead. Sure, highway driving can be boring, but you can never drop your guard, or else you put yourself, and others, at risk.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are aware of what a moment of distraction can cause and the following video is a good example. The dashcam fitted to an 18-wheeler shows it driving on Interstate 495 West, also known as the Long Island Expressway.

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Right from the start, we see the driver not maintaining a safe distance from a passenger car ahead, but after that vehicle was gone everything seemed to be okay. Until the truck enters a tunnel and, for an instant, we can see his reflection on the windshield. As his hands rest on top of the steering wheel, he seems to be holding something, possibly a cellphone, though, we can’t be sure.

In any case, seconds later he got taken by surprise when another 18-wheeler suddenly braked to a halt in front of him. He didn’t realize he was on a collision course until it was way too late and stomping on the brakes did nothing to prevent the collision.

At the exact moment of the impact, what appears to be a mobile phone (or at least something similar in size) smashed against the windshield — if you press pause, you’ll catch it. We just hope that he, and anyone else involved in this incident, is okay.


  • helloWorld

    the lights were red for a while

    • Jay

      His following distance was 3-4 seconds which is ideal. It does seem like he noticed the truck braking in time, but the problem was that the truck ahead hit the truck in front of it causing it to slow at a faster rate. Thats what made them close the gap and it looks to me that it was the GPS that fell from the windshield.

      • Carl Sloan

        You can see smoke coming from the tires of the trailer ahead as it locked up the brakes prior to impact.

        • Jay

          Yes but that still hit the truck ahead of it, you can see towards the end.

          • Carl Sloan

            I agree. You can see the truck trying to change lanes to avoid a collision.

  • Khanaar

    What smashed against the windshield was the drivers side hood mirror. it was the first to hit the back of the truck and in turn it got knocked off and slammed against the windshiled and bounced off onto the road.

    • KenjiK

      Good catch. I was wondering why it looked like it went outside the truck

  • jenny

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  • Bob

    I came here expecting to hear the words “sacré bleu”. I left disappointed.

    • PlonPlon

      Na, French people don’t say that, sorry to disappoint you.

      • Bob

        You’re right, I am very disappointed.

  • salamOOn

    “Excuse This Trucker’s French”

    that ok, i cant understand a single word.

  • diesel_vdub

    Dude needs to clean his windshield, clearly he was having problems seeing the slowing traffic ahead due to all the bug splatter on the windshield. LOL

  • I dont know what video you were watching. Driver was maintaining a good distance from that passenger car.

  • Bob

    Damn ‘Muricans!

  • Paul

    I wonder if the driver would have been quicker to react if he’d have hit the other truck. At least the babes on the trailer that got hit weren’t harmed.

  • Randy Terpstra

    French? What kind of french is he speaking? Not sure where the driver was originally from, but it’s certainly not your typical ‘québécois’, so at the very least it doesn’t appear to be a Canadian trucker.

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