Mini Driver Swerves To Avoid Crash, Makes Things Even Worse

As if making one big mistake behind the wheel wasn’t bad enough, this footage just goes to show how “easy” it is to compound it into something a lot worse, with unpredictable consequences.

The driver of the white Mini Countryman swerved to avoid rear-ending the car in front, only to find themselves directly in the path of a dashcam-equipped vehicle (possibly a crossover judging by the height of the windshield), whose driver was unable to react in time.

Human error at its finest?

Even though the Mini driver was clearly at fault here, we can’t really blame them for swerving in the first place, after all, it’s instinctual and they may not have had time to gauge the speed and distance of the cammer – if they even checked their mirrors that is.

The real issue is the lack of attentiveness in the first place. They should have been completely focused on the road ahead and maintaining a safer distance to the car in front.

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Speaking of not focusing on the road ahead, the driver of the dashcam car was also a little slow to react to what happened. It took him nearly 2 seconds to climb on the brakes, at which point the crash became unavoidable.

Even though the impact itself looked pretty harsh (both the Countryman and the cammer were propelled directly into the concrete barrier), we hope that everyone involved made it out without any serious injuries.


  • Evan McMaster

    I have 2 questions about this video. 1 why did the mini keep braking so aggressively even after they switched lanes. it looked pretty clear. 2 why didn’t the person driving the vehicle with the dash cam swerve to their right sooner it also looked clear.

    • ctk4949

      The mini looked like it was still breaking the whole time, instead of
      hitting the gas.The dash cam driver, didnt even hit the brakes.

      • Evan McMaster

        Right if you ask me they are both in the wrong to a degree. The mini braking needlessly while the dash cam guy didn’t make any effort to swerve or stop.

  • salamOOn

    it looks that in today’s world the “slowest” lane is the safest one, almost with no traffic….. and if you wanna have some problems then use the “fast” lane. and it doesn’t matter where in the world…. maybe germany is the exemption.

    • ctk4949

      For some reason, the “fast” lanes here in FL are the slowest lane. Makes no freaking sense!!

      • dumblikeyou2

        I’ve driven from Florida up to New York, and the fast lane is the slow lane pretty much up until northern Virginia. The Carolinas are by far the worst for people hanging out in the fast lane like it was some leisure lane.

  • Hawaii_SE-R

    Had the dashcam driver reacted within a split second of the Mini changing lanes, the accident would still be unavoidable. The Mini actually appears to come to a near complete stop after the lane change leaving the dashcam vehicle approximately 75 feet to brake. The best braking distances from 60 MPH is currently above 90 feet?

    Of course anyone driving should be extremely aware of everything happening around them, not just in their lane. Sudden braking on a lane next to you should have automatically taken your foot off of the accelerator and in front of the brakes.

  • Bob Scratchit

    The Mini moved over right behind another slow vehicle. The one that rear-ended the Mii was traveling way too fast for the obvious conditions and would have rear ended the car in front of the mini anyway. Besides… typically, the one that does the rear ending is at fault. Would be interesting to see the outcome of any related trial on this one…

    • Evan McMaster

      No if you watch the video the mini had tons of room in the lane they switched into. They should’ve accelerated, instead they kept braking for some reason.

    • BlackPegasus

      Nope, the Mini stupidly pulled into the lane and braked. It was at a dead stop when the dashcam car hit it.

    • Conspirator

      I find the gif to be very misleading, but the full video makes it clear that the car originally head of the cammer is driving at a similar speed to the cammer and doesn’t appear to slow down or impede the Mini driver in any way. The Mini driver screwed up big time, although I do think the cammer could have reacted a bit quicker and possibly lessened the impact or avoided it altogether, but it’s really the Mini’s fault.

  • DetrinKD

    The Mini possibly stopped because they did actually make contact with the Cobalt in front of it. Still wasn’t a wise decision to come to a complete stop. And the cammers delayed reaction didn’t help and technically he should have started to slow down even before the Mini jumped over. Whenever I see the lane next to me come to a halt like that I always slow down in the case some one jumps over.

    And yes, everyone seems to think they’re driving faster than everyone else and feel the need to ride in the left lane. Smh

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    That driver of the Mini is an idiot.

    They weren’t paying attention to the slower traffic in front of them, slammed on the brakes, then swerved into a different lane and continued braking hard for no reason.

    The USA needs better driver education.

  • eb110americana

    Mini: Too much brakes.
    Dashcam car: Not enough brakes.
    Result: Mini and dashcam car broken.

    • Bo Hanan

      Mini executed the “exit stage right” move. But when you do it you have to hit the accelerator and keep moving forward- Don’t stop! The dashcam driver had room to execute a stage right move too.

  • dumblikeyou2

    It’s too easy to get a driver’s license in the states. Too easy. But the government’s got its hands tied because they know people have to get places and public transportation isn’t their priority. The UAW, petroleum and car manufacturing is though.

  • Paul

    The driver in the Mini made a really stupid move. Not watching far enough ahead and then if you’re gonna do that you better be punching it to keep with the other lanes flow.

  • CarCzarDesigner

    The Dash-cam driver (probably a Pickup Truck) was going too fast. He was overtaking cars, quickly passing others in the Passing lane. With this type of traffic, the Dash-cam Driver should of been easing up on the the throttle and slowing down, He didn’t. Maybe he had the Cruise Control engaged. Regardless, our Dash-cam hero failed to take into account the quickly changing traffic conditions in the Left Lane. Of course someone may try to try pop out in front of you. It happens all the time. Legally, since he rear ended the Mini, guess who is to blame?

  • CBV2020

    Boston, MA will train you to stunt-driving levels in maneuverability to avoid actions like this all day whilst travelling at 70mph, texting and sipping Dunkin coffee–no exaggeration. Boston’s highways look like card shuffling no matter the speed! You’d have to be from far out of town with low level driving skills to think a move like this is even remotely possible!

    I cannot fathom why it took the man so long to react. What I do see/experience in my fine town town is an encouraging response to lane switchers–“you want to cut in front of me, well you better speed up because I’m not slowing down and I’m gunna ride you so close, you’ll exit your car pregnant!”


Not sure if this was the case, but man, his reaction was like slow motion to me.

  • Finkployd

    Abruptly changing lanes then braking to a full stop on the highway is not a good combo

  • McFly

    School book example of what happens if everybody drives too close.
    You might have the time to stop if the car in front of you stops, but three cars back there will be an accident.

  • In most of the EU it’s illegal to overtake on the right side. It’s only allowed in special cases like these where the traffic is standing still, but with a maximum speed difference of 20kmh (about 13mph). This would never happen if those kinds of laws and driving culture were enforced in the US. The dashcam car was waaaay too fast going past standing traffic no matter what stupid thing the mini driver did. You have to be able to react to these situations…

  • buckwheat

    The mini is likely equipped with a collision avoidance system; once they decide that a collision is imminent, they err on the side of a full ABS stop and tend to keep the brakes on for a about a second after the perceived collision is no longer a danger. I’ve had something similar happen to me driving a rental car. It wasn’t nearly as close to a collision, but I was waiting for the car behind me in the lane I was moving to to hit me. My foot was fully on the throttle, but the car felt it knew better and overrode this.

    • john1168

      WOW! You’re clear of danger and want to hit the gas so you don’t get rear ended but the car won’t let you go. I’m sure there are a lot of circumstances where the automated systems on new cars will keep you out of trouble but I’m a firm believer that a human who’s paying attention behind the wheel, will beat the computer system any day of the week. I’m glad you didn’t get hit.

  • MZ

    The human brain doesn’t act that fast unless you’re trained for it. The driver is clearly paying attention.

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