BMW i3 And i8 To Be Killed, Vision M Next Might Hit Production

BMW has hinted that the recently unveiled Vision M Next concept might reach the production line in approximately three years, Car Sales reports.

According to director of development Klaus Frölich, there will be no direct successors for the i3 and i8, opening up the potential for a vehicle like the Vision M to top the company’s range of electrified performance vehicles.

“M is fast and furious and fun and that always works, but there is no direct successor for the i3 and no direct successor for the i8,” he said.

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The report doesn’t give too many details about the production-spec Vision M Next, but Frölich said that it has to perform like a proper M car and that the company has already established a business case for it.

Underpinning the concept ism largely, the same carbon fiber and aluminum structure of the outgoing i8. Whereas the latter features a turbocharged inline-three-cylinder engine and a single electric motor, though, the Vision M Next features an inline-four and a pair of electric motors. This results in a total of 600 HP and allows the hybrid sports car to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in approximately 3.0 seconds and max out at 186 mph (300 km/h).

BMW had reportedly been considering making its next performance vehicle all-electric but decided against it due to the weight of the large battery pack that would necessitate.

“Any M car has to perform like an M car. If you do a pure electric sports car you need such a big battery that it would be a 2.1 or 2.2-tonne sports car to get to 600 HP. And these 2.1-2.2 tonne cars don’t behave well on the Nürburgring. Being fast is not only about longitudinal acceleration. That part is easy,” Frölich said.

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  • MarketAndChurch

    So beautiful, so much retro in a modern package.

  • Six_Tymes

    thankfully! ugly might be gone for good, i hope.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    They had it right the i3 and i8 are like nothing else on the road they will now just be a electric version of the standard models like the all new awful looking ix3 which is due!

    It’s like BMW can’t make up there mind

  • StrangerGP

    It’s funny how at first glance this Vision M looks less like a concept car than the current i8.

    Personally I won’t miss the i models, sure they were different from BMW’s non-electric models, but they were also really really ugly.

  • erly5

    BMW don’t seem to have a clear ‘vision’ for their electric future. i3 and i8 are going to be consigned to history and i4 and iX3 are just boring electric versions of existing models. I hoped the i brand would evolve into an exciting and innovative electric sub-brand but alas it looks unlikely.

  • Tinky-Winky

    I’m really starting to like that concept though I’m afraid BMW will eff it up when it goes to production.

  • driv3r

    It’s no big surprise that the i3 won’t get a successor. Any electrified compact car (whether it be an electric 1 series or 2 series in the future) will replace it. The i8 will certainly morph into the car that is loosely resembled by this M Concept.

    Also: Customers seem to favor cars that aren’t looking like specially designed electric cars such as the i-Models are. They prefer more conventional styling as the Teslas have for example.

  • Shtekeris

    That’s a shame, i3 may not be the prettiest and not the best quality, but it was like nothing else on the road. Quite unique. I liked that.

    • Nick Hebert

      Well the i3 has one of the worst resale values of any modern car on the road. And with Tesla’s dominance, especially in range – i3 sales have gone down the tube. BMW simply can’t compete.

    • Dennis James

      You can always botch a car with a hammer and obtain a unique vehicle that makes you feel one of a kind, if that’s your thing.

  • Smith

    From a design standpoint I think BMW have lost it even more so than their usual poor designs over the last 30 years. This M concept with a stupid name, is a seriously ugly car and has no appealing features at all. Looks like a tank.

  • Bash

    They’re all ugly anyway.

  • Mr. EP9

    And no one was surprised.

  • Super Rob

    Step one, make a vehicle that people would want. Step two, experiment with different motors in the vehicle PEOPLE WANT. Making something ridiculous and hoping people will buy it just because it is an EV isn’t a smart way to go.

  • MIL1234

    it’s a concept
    it gives an idea
    these days they look very similar to the production models but that doesn’t mean it’s a rule

    • Porkopolis

      I think most those commenting are more upset that one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers created a concept for the brand’s heritage-filled motorsports division, and the damn thing looks like it came from a Design 101 class at your local community college.

      BMWs were my favorite cars until around 5 years ago, and ever since then I’ve just watched the company self-destruct into mediocrity on nearly every level. It’s like watching a good friend drink themselves to death.

  • Dennis James

    Of course that throwing away decades of car design and refinement and replacing them with some ugly weird designs didn’t work for BMW. Who would have thought !

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