BMW M4 And Audi S8 Street Race Has Dire Consequences

Footage of what appears to be a race between a BMW M4 and a previous-gen (?) Audi S8 battling each other along San Diego’s State Route 94 made its way online recently, with the action taking place last week, June 6th.

Unfortunately, the driver of the BMW can be seen losing control at one point, crashing into another vehicle. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the crash, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), reports ABC 10 News.

“Just a complete surprise,” said a witness who shared the video yet requested to remain anonymous. “I just see them come out of nowhere and spin out, and runs into the back of the car. In real time, I didn’t even see the other car.”

“My first thought was, he was running from the cops.”

The witness also said that the BMW driver stopped to check on the innocent victim, before heading back across the road to his damaged M4 Coupe.

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Currently, the incident is under investigation by the CHP, who think that it is possibly a street racing-related crash (sure looks that way), although no arrests have been made at this point.

“Ain’t no real reason to go that fast with that many people on the road,” added the witness. “He completely totaled the back of that guy’s car and there could have been a kid back there.”

As for why the driver of the M4 lost control in the first place, it seems that the Audi might have spooked him by proximity alone (unless there was also some contact). In either case, it’s safe to say that neither car should have been in that position to begin with.


  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    always a BMW driver…

    • ChicagoBlah

      Surprised they didnt try to blame a Mustang for this

      • Marc Gruben

        I’m sure there was a Mustang within 5 miles, on either side of the freeway, in either direction. That ought to be good enough.

        • ErnieB

          Yup.. good point.

    • Bo Hanan

      Wishing you were an owner?

      • MayTheBestCarWin05



        • Bo Hanan

          So that’s a yes then…….

          • MayTheBestCarWin05

            Sure….if it will stop you from furthering this thread. Yes, yes i wish i was a BMW owner.

          • Bo Hanan


  • Jason Miller

    If it were up to me they would both have their licenses taken away for good.

  • Adilos Nave

    Tar and feather these guys!! Stop street racing you idiots!!!

  • MrP

    By the looks of that rear-view camera, they may have made contact passing the camera car as there’s a piece of something that seems to come off a car..

  • Mr. EP9

    Two morons that should have their driving licenses revoked and thrown in jail.


    two more idiots with german cars

  • Stephen G

    And the guy with the totaled 2015 Accord gets $5000 for his $12000 car from the insurance company, maybe misses a couple days of work and it’s all good. Everybody wins. MAGA.

    • brn

      WTF does this have to do with MAGA? Just trying to turn this political?

      Btw, never saw a decent insurance company not give a respectable value for a wrecked vehicle.

  • Jay

    They definitely came into contact as they were passing the camera car, you can see a small part of the mirror or something around the 7 second mark.

  • anthony801

    Eastern San Diego County. I would bet the two drivers were middle eastern.

    • brn

      Great, let’s start a race thing. That doesn’t happen enough. /s

  • ChrisInIL

    “As for why the driver of the M4 lost control in the first place…..”

    He was a moron driving like an idiot on a public road, that’s why he lost control.

  • Harry_Wild

    S8 has AWD while the M4 is RWD and lost control!

  • nastinupe

    There was contact.. You can see pieces fly off of the cars when the passed the camera.

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