Meet The Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet From The New Men In Black Movie

If you’re planning on seeing Men in Black: International, the latest installment in the MIB franchise, get ready for Lexus to put on a show with the help of a very special 2020 RC F model.

Available only to MIB agents, this seemingly normal RC F can actually turn into the QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet at the push of a button. It’s also the only Lexus available in ‘Umbra Black’, which is said to be the darkest black in the entire universe.

“The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand – the far, far distant future,” said marketing VP Lisa Materazzo. “With the most advanced alien-fighting technology, performance and sophisticated styling, it’s in a class of its own.”

So how does it work? Well, according to the movie, it’s the result of an information exchange between the Men in Black and an alien partner, who gifted them with Quasar Power Source Technology (QPST). It works by using the power of the nearest Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN), allowing you to travel anywhere in the universe in mere seconds. So much for Star Trek’s Warp Drive tech, or Star Wars’ Hyperdrive.

It would “seem” that Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs) are found in every galaxy that features a super-massive black hole at its center, which is why all QPST-powered Lexus vehicles are named after black holes (TON 618 in this case).

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“The Lexus RC F sports coupe and QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet provide the perfect vehicles for our team of Men in Black agents as they protect the galaxy,” said Sony Pictures’ exec Jeffrey Godsick.

As for available features, the jet boasts an IGPS (Inter-Galactic Positioning System), Amazon Alexa (who understands all seven trillion alien languages), Gamma ray headlights, Infinite scaling tech, three driving modes (EcoDrive, SportDrive, QuantumDrive), light-speed-matching capability, Integalactically-sourced, ethically spawned Adorian leather, transforming seats with 31-point harnesses to accommodate every body type in the universe, Lexus Safety System+ with available force field technology, plus the Enforcer Package.

Oh, and it will also do 0-60 in 0. 0000000000001 nanoseconds, which might actually make it quicker than the all-new Tesla Roadster.

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  • Six_Tymes

    what would you need a car front grill for on a jet/spaceship? there is no cooling needed there. this is kind of cool and all, but in the end just advertising.

    • MikeofLA

      While a giant front grill is unnecessary, cooling is actually one of the biggest concerns when designing a real spaceship. Since there’s no air in space to convect heat from engines, electronics and humans away, the only means of heat dissipation is radiant. This is far less efficient than convective, which is what wicks heat away from engines here in atmo… with monsterous grills.

      • McFly

        Big grilles are unnecessary on cars too. Most of the cooling air is taken in at bumper level anyway. 🙂

  • TheBelltower

    I mean… the door handles? This is a terrible mashup.

  • McFly

    Putting that ugly grille on a spaceship – again? Did it work that well in the lousy Valerian movie?

    I don’t even think it works on cars.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    “The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand – the far, far distant future,” said marketing VP Lisa Materazzo. “With the most advanced alien-fighting technology, performance and sofisticated styling, it’s in a class of its own.”
    It has a trans-warp cvt drive to constantly slip…out of time and it is powered by an Active Galactic Nucleus, otherwise known as a Brown Hole that emits Fusion Accelerated Radiative Thermal Shockwaves.
    The pilots of such Lexus Jets are trained by the Sanctimonious Corps.

    Men in Black International…….
    More like, Same old sh*te again.

  • ErnieB

    Made a perfectly ugly space ship light years uglier with that grille.. awesome!

  • Bo Hanan

    I think it’s cool. I like it…. Sorry.


  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    the side doors are totally annoying

    • paulgdeaton

      The front end is totally annoying, too

  • willhaven

    Does it look upside down to anyone else?

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