Subaru Driver Cuts In, Canadian Performs A Cop-Worthy PIT Maneuver

The famed ‘PIT maneuver’ is ordinarily something you’ll only ever see performed by a police car but over in Canada recently, one was caused inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) by a normal motorist.

Dashcam footage taken somewhere near Quebec shows the cammer traveling down the motorway and seemingly, minding their own business.

Suddenly, a black 2019 Subaru Forester comes into view and cuts into the lane occupied by the cammer. It appears as though the unaware Subaru driver gives the car a small love tap, sending it over the yellow lane.

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Just milliseconds after this first impact, the dashcam vehicle veers aggressively to the right, slamming into the rear-three quarter panel of the Subaru and spinning it around and into the concrete crash barrier on the side of the motorway. If this PIT maneuver was performed by a police officer, we expect they’d be rather chuffed with how successful it was.

It is impossible to say if the driver of the car filming intentionally slammed into the side of the Subaru as retribution but it certainly appears as if that may have been the case. The YouTube description of the video states that the Forester was a total loss and that the cammer’s car only received a small bump and was repaired the very same day as the crash.


  • KAG25

    At 3 seconds it looks like the Subura hits the other car, you can see the car shake in the camera.
    And What happened to the lines for the lanes on the road?

  • Jay

    Sure the Subaru was wrong cutting into the lane but the calmer was wrong for the PIT.

    • Robert

      Could the cammer have slammed on his brakes and allowed Mr. Subaru to squeeze him out of his lane…perhaps. But the fact of the matter is he was occupying the lane first (by a half of car length) and since Mr. Subaru believes he has magical turn signals that can part the Red Sea he found out the hard way they possess no such power 😂. He got what he deserved

      • Jay

        Yea, but I care about my car too much to hit someone on purpose. If it were me I’d hit the brakes and let him in to avoid any damage than to stay in a lane that isn’t mine in the first place.

  • Jeff Scott

    That’s no way to treat a new Forester Sport .. guess they didn’t get the blind side detection . Neither did I in my Sport.. wish I did after using it in my wife’s Crosstrek and seeing this video.

  • Puddingpopper

    buying an 85 Crown Vic for this purpose

    • Bo Hanan

      It’s as if you were reading my mind.

  • Paul

    The guy cutting in sort of got what he deserved.

  • robotlogic

    If you watch the left road stripe you will notice that the Subaru hit this driver first which maybe caused the driver over corrected in his response to being shoved left and ultimately caused the “pit” of the Subaru.

  • Randy Terpstra

    Ah, Quebec drivers.

    What else is new?

    • Day_Trader

      I’ll tell you what’s new – it’s obvious that neither driver drank paper bottled water bottle that’s not plastic sort of thing! 💥

  • stelvio

    don’t they have “Doctrine of last clear chance” in Canada?

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