Tesla Model 3 Driver Filmed Sleeping Behind The Wheel On Californian Highway

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 has been filmed asleep behind the wheel while on the 405 Freeway in Southern California.

NBC Los Angeles reports that earlier this week, motorist Shawn Miladinovich noticed a white Tesla Model 3 driving alongside him. After taking a closer look, he realized that the driver was slumped over in their seat and appeared to be sleeping.

Miladinovich first saw the sleeping driver in the community of Westminster and contacted California Highway Patrol. He then drove alongside the man for approximately 30 miles and says the Tesla owner was asleep the entire time. He appeared to have something tied around the steering wheel so the car’s Autopilot system wouldn’t disengage and be fooled into thinking his hands were still on the wheel.

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“If his little thing tied around that steering wheel fell off, and he was still sleeping, he would have slammed into somebody going 65 miles per hour,” Miladinovich said.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the man could be cited for his carelessness if they are able to identify and find him.

This isn’t the first time concerns have been raised about Tesla drivers sleeping while behind the wheel. In November last year, California Highway Patrol officers pulled over a man suspected of driving under the influence after he was spotted dosing off while behind the wheel of a Tesla at about 70 mph (112 km/h) in Highway 101 in Redwood City. A Tesla worker also appeared to be sleeping while behind the wheel in a video captured back in June last year.


  • Matteo Tommasi

    Here we go again

  • Day_Trader

    I’d slap that dumbass so hard, he’d lose any desire to sleep ever again while driving 😡🤬

    • Bo Hanan


    • TRB0T0Y


  • Free Tesla ad

  • Stephen G

    Isn’t this why we’re working so hard for autonomous cars?

    • Bo Hanan

      No! People are so naive, lazy and uniformed.

      • DR.FUNK

        Indeed they are…which is why we need to get to fully autonomous vehicles. The sooner the better.

        • Bo Hanan

          I call it taking a cab-bus-uber-lyft-call a relative or friend.

  • diesel_vdub

    When people see something like this, why not drop behind the vehicle, get the tag number and call 511 or 911 and report a reckless/impaired driver? Seems like the logical thing to do to protect yourself and others from the careless human.

    • Salih Ahzem

      News report says the driver called 911, didn’t he?

    • Exotics

      Because this was staged duh

  • Adilos Nave

    Tesla needs to be brought to trial for releasing their so-called Autopilot system. It is gross negligence on their part. In fact, I really hope it’s the eventual litigation that ultimately brings about their demise.

    • Jason Miller

      The guy tied something to the steering wheel to keep it from disengaging. Not their fault he’s an idiot.


    • TheBelltower

      I don’t get your logic. If it weren’t for Autopilot, he would have crashed.

    • Exotics

      You are not a good serious troll.

  • SamBamm

    Had time to video the entire 30 miles, but couldn’t be bothered to honk the horn !!!!? Sounds like he was wishing to catch the impending accident on his camera

    • Exotics

      Sounds like BS

  • salamOOn

    just send him into the jail, he could have a lot time to sleep there.

  • Jason Miller

    Gotta admit, 30 trouble free miles with zero human interaction is impressive.

  • Mr. EP9

    I get that some people fall asleep behind the wheel, but this case is another irresponsible idiot abusing the software. People like this doesn’t deserve the privilege to drive nor should they have a license. If another stunt like this gets himself killed, I will have no sympathy for him.

    • Exotics

      Over-exaggerated staged video. You fell for it

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    I fail to see how this incident caused by a reckless driver implies any liabilities for Tesla? The video taken demonstrates the sleeper used some sort of apparatus to keep from disengaging.

    • Exotics

      Autopilot did everything its suppose to. No harm other than the guy filming while driving for 30 straight minutes so he says



  • Six_Tymes

    Complete disregard for other peoples lives. TAKE THEIR LICENCE AWAY BEFORE THEY KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. make them move back home with mommy and daddy because they’ll have no licence to drive.

    • Exotics

      Nah. Autopilot is great

  • Craig

    I think the likelihood of someone going to sleep in an ‘self-driving’ car [or even semi-self-driving’] has to be very high.


      • Craig

        Me too!

    • Exotics

      Autopilot works great. You should try it

  • Craig

    But is this a good thing? What if you’re in the middle lane of a freeway? Or any highway? The beeping should be far more ALARM like.

    • TheBelltower

      It starts out as a beep then gets much louder before turning on the flashers and slowly stopping the car.

    • Exotics

      Beeps are annoying. You simply pay attention while on Autopilot. It’s not hard. its fun

      • Craig

        If I have to pay attention I might as well just drive the damn thing!

  • Exotics

    Guy on autopilot in the Tesla is safer than the guy driving while filming

  • Exotics

    Autopilot is the ultimate luxury while in traffic or a road trip. You have no idea how amazing it is

  • Exotics

    There was nothing reckless in the video.

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