Police Officer Runs Stop Sign, Arrests Other Driver For Crash, Doesn’t Get Charged!

A police officer has managed to get away without being charged despite running a stop sign, causing a crash, and arresting an innocent driver!

Last Wednesday, a Michigan State Police officer in an unmarked police-issued Jeep Patriot drove straight past a stop sign at the corner of Livernois and Cadet Street in southwest Detroit. As the SUV passed through the intersection, a red sedan slammed into the side of the Jeep.

The entire crash was captured by a camera located on the front porch of a local house. Seemingly in an attempt to frame the crash on the driver of the red sedan, Carlos Martinez, the officer got out of his car and approached him, announcing his identity and ordering the 27-year old to hit the ground.

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Speaking with Fox 2 Detroit, Martinez’s mother vsaid that her son was told he had no rights in the aftermath of the crash.

“He told him call my parents, call my mother. The police officer says ‘you’re 27 years old, you’re old enough, you don’t need no parents and plus you don’t have no rights right now.’ He has no criminal history. He’s not a criminal, he’s never been in gangs. You don’t treat people like that. We’re human beings,” she said.

Martinez suffered from a number of bruises and scratches, while the officer was treated for a broken rib and collar bone.

Michigan State Police were contacted about the crash and claimed that were investigating the incident. On Thursday morning last week, they said the officer in question was released to a local hospital and had not been charged.


  • Max Schreiber

    This police officer should be fired and prosecuted criminally and civilly.

    • yonceous

      did u lie? nope

    • europeon

      And on top of the sentence he should get 500 lashes in a public square.

    • brn

      Needs a haircut.

  • yonceous


  • Mr. EP9

    Of course in today’s insane world, something like this would happen. Where does it end?

  • Liam Paul

    the cop did run the stop sign but to say the red car is innocent is far from the truth, look at how fast the red car was going when he hit the jeep. His failure to control his speed imo made that crash much worse than it had to be. As for the cop, the fact he ran a stop sign and didn’t tell anybody is not good, that cop should be fired … as far as I am concerned, both caused the accident, speed and running the stop sign.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      If the cop didn’t run the stop sign the accident wouldn’t have happened. End of discussion!

  • carlbolt

    Cops are armed mobs. They themselves are the trouble to the society. Without them the world will be a better place.

    • Mr. EP9

      I seriously doubt that.

    • LJ

      What an idiotic statement.

    • Akil Hodge

      I disagree with that last part

    • Julien Lachemoi

      Oh so cops are the problem in every country ?
      You think there’s not a single country where cops are doing an awesome job and people are glad to have them ?
      Okay, sure.

  • no25

    cops are such a waste of OUR tax dollars nowadays. absolutely disgusting. just because you get a badge, it does not mean you’re above the law.

    • Some ol’ bloke

      …..you know that 99.5% of them are the people that protect you and come to your house after a break in or come and help with any crime.

      • no25

        shut up you stupid right winger. PROTECT? HAHHAHAHAHA cops are shooting people for no reason. get out of my mentions.

    • ChrisInIL

      So are firemen. I mean, come on – they break into houses with axes and pour water on everything, ruining all those poor blameless citizens’ stuff, man.

      While we’re at it, paramedics – don’t get me started. They sometimes break people’s ribs just because…omg, I can’t stand it….their hearts stopped beating. HOW DARE THEY!!!!

      • no25

        sweetheart, there is a difference between ending the lives of innocent people because you thought his/her license was a gun and breaking into a burning building to put out the fire. don’t even compare the two – that’s rotten apples to fresh oranges. keep proving my point that right wingers are total idiots.

        • ChrisInIL

          I guess the sarcasm went right over your head, but I digress.

          If you’re going to revert to hyperbole, then I can too.

          Do you know how many police/citizen interactions do not result in gunfire or injury? Do you even care? I’ll conclude that you don’t because if you did, it would undermine your cop-hatred agenda.

          Please let another use your troll account. I’d prefer a challenge when I interact with groups like yours.

  • disqus_6AHa0ycWUI

    Hate to break up the party but the stop sign is clearly NOT facing the jeep. Secondly, the speed of the red car is much more contributory to this crash because neither he nor the cop had any chance to mitigate this due to his speed

    • kachuks

      You can see the stop sign clearly. Its right next to the plant hook in the frame.

    • KenjiK

      If the police officer stopped like he was supposed to do, none of this would have happened.

    • Willzyx

      There is clearly a stop sign in the top left corner of the video. And it’s a 4 way intersection. If there is a stop sign on one side (facing the camera), there is another just like that on the opposite side.

      • ChrisInIL

        Livernois is a one way two-lane street, with traffic moving in a southeast direction. Cadet is a two way street with traffic moving in northeast and southwest directions. There are stop signs for traffic both ways on Cadet. Livernois does not have stop signs.

        Don’t assume that because you have a stop sign, oncoming traffic also has a stop sign. That may not be the case.

    • salamOOn

      “Hate to break up the party but the stop sign is clearly NOT facing the jeep.”

      you can see the first dark jeep clearly stopping before the intersection,while police jeep slowing down and then decided to not to stop but jump through without stopping.
      so even when one stop sign in the videois not facing the jeep, opposite road sign (which is common that opposite roiads has stop signs) surely was facing the jeep.
      you can even google it in a few seconds wtih google maps.

      speeding or not, you have to stop and give way. 100 percent cops fault in this case.

  • LJ

    Love to see the keyboard cowards in this comment section painting all cops in a negative light because of one douche’s actions.

    • Alduin

      One douche can ruin a whole police departments reputation. It only takes one asshat to ruin things for everyone everytime.

      • LJ

        That should never be the case. Judging an entire group based on the actions of one individual is ignorant and infantile.

  • Krisnadi Imam

    the guy in the red car is obviously speeding, the guy in the jeep is running stop sign, both should have been charged. one for speeding and other one for running stop sign. these 2 should have been obvious. the fact that the police arrest the guy n treated him badly, thats just uncalled for, and the officer should have apologized. either way its just a regular traffic offense.

    • KenjiK

      They arrested someone for a crash they caused themselves. This could have escalated quickly and ending in the civilian being shot (and maybe killed), and you think they should just “apologize”?
      They need to be fired, and charged for this.

      • MarketAndChurch

        He could have killed a passenger in another vehicle driving at that speed through a residential area. You’re treating civilian drivers as some kind of unjudgeable protected class if you fail to acknowledge this. The cops overreacted, sure, but there’s another half to the story you’re omitting to make your statement work.

        • KenjiK

          Please tell me what the speed limit is right there, and give me the speed he was going at too.
          He killed no one. The crash was not caused by the civilian losing control of his car, it was cause by the police not stopping at the sign. Cops are not above the law.

          • Krisnadi Imam

            both drivers are in the wrong, the fact is one of them is policeman abusing his authority should not be muddled in together. This is 2 separate case and should be treated individually.
            On the traffic offense side of things both are equally wrong, neither drivers action can be justified or defended.
            On the abuse of authority welp that one is obvious. policeman is in the wrong and he should be reprimanded according to the regulation.

      • CarCzarDesigner

        Yeah, that’s how it works. You happen to have an accident with a Police Officer and the first order of business, is getting you to lay on the ground and then executing you.

    • Some ol’ bloke

      fair enough, but speeding with no other cars in front of you is ok whilst just running a stop sign and pinning a guy down as well as charging him is not.

  • kachuks

    It was a female cop who ran the stop sign and ordered him on the ground. Then her partner, presumably Martinez, cuffed him.

    They should both be implicated in this wrongful detainment as their duty was to first check on his wellbeing since this was no more than a traffic accident.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Well said.

    • Alduin

      Female driver go figure.

  • Knotmyrealname

    ….and these people are put in place to supposedly protect us.
    Luckily they aren’t placed within the community to promote grooming standards….

  • Greg Gliszczynski

    One of those cops needs a proper caning!

  • Puddingpopper

    Cops don’t need to obey traffic laws in Detroit cuz their lives matter more than yours.

  • eb110americana

    The Civic Coupe (not sedan) driver was speeding. The cop ran a stop sign though, without even looking, which is way worse. Then both cops tried to deny and cover it up, and arrested the other driver illegally instead of getting him medical attention. Send both those corrupt cops to prison for a few years, fine them, and permanently revoke any license they have to serve as even a mall cop, plus no firearms either–for life. The kid should be given a speeding ticket, but considering what he had to go through, and losing his car, I think he’s paid his dues.

  • no25

    i love that you upvote your own comment to make it seem like you’re getting more support from everyone.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    Look – as I said, thats what I can tell, but you are right in saying that…

  • David

    Give a coward a little power and a gun……

  • Alduin

    And Cops wonder why people hate them. Thugs with badges.

  • Alduin

    Why do you live here then if you do? Go move to Venezuela.

  • A saddened patriot

    Gimme a break! This is why they’re problems with trust in the police.

  • Paul

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. The cops aren’t always right and these here need a proper scourging.

  • Djerelle Williams

    Criminals On Public Salary

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