2020 Hyundai Palisade Might Just Be All The SUV You Need

While being marketed as a direct rival to the likes of the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander, the Hyundai Palisade also happens to stand out as a surprisingly luxurious and tech-savvy SUV.

In fact, according to Doug DeMuro, this people hauler is an actual bargain, as it comes with features that not many other carmakers offer – and that applies to premiums brands too. Of course, in order to get the best out of the Palisade, you need to make sure you get the flagship Limited version, which starts from $44,700.

What this reviewer found most amazing about Hyundai’s full-size SUV, aside from overall interior quality, was its tech features. He was particularly thrilled about the turn signal cameras, which are displayed within the digital gauge cluster, offering you a high definition view of the road as you are about to change lanes. That really is a pretty rare feature in the automotive industry right now.

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Then there’s the Active Assist feature of the Blind-Spot Safety system, which, according to Hyundai, “assists in collision avoidance by providing a warning and vehicle control when risk of blind spot collision is detected.” In other words, it doesn’t just tell you there’s something in your blind spot – it actively takes control of the vehicle so as to stop you from colliding with another car.

Still not impressed? How does Lead Vehicle Departure Alert sound? It’s a system that alerts you that the car in front has begun moving (like, say, at a red light), which can really come in handy if you’re not paying attention while stationary.

There are, however a few of quirks too, such as the buttons you have to push instead of operating a traditional shifter, or the placement of the headlights. Also, the overall aesthetic of the Palisade might not be to everyone’s liking.

As for how it drives, DeMuro found the 291 HP 3.8-liter V6 to be quite decent and the car surprisingly quiet on the move. Don’t expect anything sporty, though, since this is clearly a family-oriented product.


  • Ben

    I’d take a Ford Explorer ST over this, but I won’t say the Palisade is terrible.

    • David Don

      Right, right…because something that is more often than not Found On the Road Dead (FORD) is preferable. Do you own a Palisade? If not, how can you say “the Palisade isn’t terrible.” One of the worst cars I ever owned was a Ford. They don’t make them like they used to.

      • Ben

        Because something rhymes or can be turned into an acronym doesn’t mean its true, this isn’t nursery school. I’ve owned Ford products before.They were reliable for me. In fact, my next vehicle purchase is likely to be Ford’s F250 Tremor. I need a work truck that can pull double duty as a family adventure vehicle.

        I am very interested in Lincoln’s Aviator, but I haven’t had a chance to preview one for myself on the road. I’m sorry for your bad experience with the Ford you owned, but anecdotal evidence is hardly nail in coffin. There are plenty of disgruntled owners of every single brand and model on the road. No vehicle is bulletproof for every buyer. I’ve heard people on 4Runner boards talk about their hellish ownership, yet most in the industry would swear on Toyota truck’s reliability.

        And no, I don’t own a Palisade. I’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly inspect a mid tier model and it seems to be a nice first try from Hyundai. What you would call “terrible” and what I might are different. Its all subjective, David.


          Ford with the cheap interior? Enjoy with that FOUND ON ROAD DEAD

    • Bige Lee

      Only two things that the Ford Explorer ST has got going over the Palisade is much higher MSRP and the power.

      • Ben

        Yeah, everything else is approximately the same. The Explorer has slightly more cu. sq storage behind each row, but nothing that’s a deal breaker. I prefer the Ford Explorer more.

  • Nick099

    —“Don’t expect anything sporty, though, since this is clearly a family-oriented product.”—-

    BS excuse for an all show and no go vehicle. Soy people take notice.

  • kan hu

    Nice car…..i love Korean car

    • Matthew Daraei

      You liked your own comment? You have to be Korean!

      • David Don

        You actually took the time to ask someone that? Who cares!


        Who cares, BETA MALE

        • Bige Lee

          LMFAO he said “BETA MALE” LMFAO!!! this guy fragile

          • A 🤴🏻 THAT WILL RULE OVER YOU

            Are you talking about me?

  • Ben

    Dang, I didn’t even think about the “sheap inside”. I’d debate the reliability issue, but…eh.

  • William rowe

    darn sheap ,, bahhh bahhh


    Please change your title. It’s so irrelevant as we speak

  • Honda NSX-R

    I thought these were ugly when I first saw these on the Internet, but they look a lot better in person. Would buy one if I was in the market for a larger CUV

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