Drift Fail: BMW 5-Series Crashes Into Half A Dozen Parked Cars

It almost seems like it’s been too long since we’ve seen somebody “pull a Mustang” – you know what we mean. Unfortunately, the driver of this black F10 BMW 5-Series was more than willing to remind the world that there’s no shortage of irresponsible people out there.

The incident took place last month in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, and by our count, a total of five stationary vehicles were damaged, not including the out-of-control Bavarian battering ram.

The action starts about 10 seconds into the video when the black BMW first comes into play, making a right turn in front of two pedestrians. That’s when the driver of the German saloon floored the throttle in order to get the tail end of the car to slide, which is a really silly thing to do in traffic.

After the initial two slides, which appeared to be under control, the car suddenly turned into a red stationary vehicle before proceeding to hit a few more parked cars. While we can’t be sure what happened, it could very well be that the driver lifted off the throttle, which in turn loaded up the front tires, leading the vehicle to all of a sudden steer into the turn.

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If you look close, you can tell that the driver hadn’t applied any opposite lock at that point, so whatever happened definitely took them by surprise.

As for the reason why somebody would attempt this type of maneuver in public, that’s an easy one: they were looking to draw attention to themselves.


  • AintYerPa

    I guess he got the drift…


    bmw driver …………

    • Bo Hanan

      Maybe one day for you too.

  • ctk4949

    What a douche!!

  • performante

    It seems BMW’s are the Mustangs of Europe

    • Bo Hanan

      I’d say a Mustang driver got hold of a BMW.

      • Skitz

        Mustang & BMW drivers are Douchebags!!! Mustang drivers are still at the top of the list at Number 1.

        • Bo Hanan

          Said from the windshield of his Corolla Sport.

  • Aeromann

    What a idiot.

  • wait a minute

    Shameful- The highway department should build wider roads to give entitled Beemer drivers more space to display their brave and courageous drifting skills.

  • Donald Ducko

    Looking to draw attention isn’t why. People are bored. They live boring lives. They want some excitement. To feel something. You’ve taken manuals out of cars. Made them all silent, reliable and perfect appliances. Rolling refrigerators. Then you sell them on tv by driving them around racetracks at high speed driven by professionals. Then when someone tries anything close to it in the real world you come down on them with a $1000 fine meanwhile Epstein had two pedophile islands and nobody cares. You can order anything you want online and have it delivered. You can eat anytime of the day you want. Life is easy today and boring.

    The person was trying to feel something and the world punished them for it. You stay in your lane, wear your seatbelt, do, act and think as we say or else.

    But please continue to buy cars with performance potential you’ll never use because it makes us rich. Chase what you see on tv. Chase what you see in movies. Chase the fake realty you’re constantly being sold. You can’t escape it. Resistance is futile.

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