Grand Cherokee Driver’s Day Goes Horribly Bad In 1.5 Seconds

When it comes to driving, it doesn’t take high speed or you being out of control to cause a bad wreck.

In this case, all it took was getting hit at a certain angle that the car was propelled upwards, ending up either on its roof – and it was entirely the Jeep driver’s fault.

Sure, we could make a case for the driver of that grey pickup perhaps needing to slow down a bit given the bumper to bumper traffic on the nearby lane, but ultimately, we doubt they were speeding. What we do know for sure is that the person behind the wheel of the Grand Cherokee definitely didn’t wait to make sure the coast was clear before making a U-turn into oncoming traffic.

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Based on the dashcam footage, it’s pretty obvious that the Jeep driver wasn’t exactly beaming with self-awareness at the time of the crash. In fact, after the initial impact, they didn’t even hit the brakes until making contact with that stationary pickup, but by then it was too late.

Also, that secondary hit was probably wheel to wheel, which is what caused the Grand Cherokee to flip.

If the fact that you can flip your car over and make it a total loss even at low speed sunk in, then perhaps some drivers would consider paying more attention to the road and not somewhere else like, say, their phones – or at least exhibit more caution in low/poor visibility situations.


  • Porkopolis

    Surprisingly hazardous hazards abound when you’re rolling smoothly along in a fast-moving lane with no traffic next to a stopped/slow lane crammed with traffic.

  • Emoto

    This sort of thing is a problem on multi-lane roads, because people like the dash-cam driver think they are doing the other car a favor by stopping to let crossing traffic in. But, they are not. I see near misses similar to the video periodically and always because someone thought they’d be “nice” and stop to let someone through, without considering that the people in the other lane might have no idea that is happening. So, as much as the bulk of the blame goes to the GC driver, I consider that dash-cam driver to have facilitated the accident.

    • joemanning

      this. I have been in the position of the truck on the right and got in an accident like this as well. johnny do gooder forgets that other cars might not even see the merciful yielding.

    • Mr. Big

      Can’t believe you’re blaming the dash-cam driver. I often stop to let a car get into the SAME lane in front of me, but this jackass decides to take TWO lanes which causes the accident.

      • Emoto

        Mr. Big, the problem is that the driver you stop for has no way of knowing that you mean for them to only take one lane. Nor do you have any way to communicate that to them, nor know what they intend to do. I believe it is best when that left turner has a clear and unobstructed view at the lanes they intend to enter, meaning that all the cars are past them. They cannot see through the dash-cam car, and neither can the guy in the pickup. That is why I think there is some small % of the blame that goes to the dash-cam person.

        • Mr. Big

          Using that logic, some of the blame also needs to go to the entity that created two lanes instead of one?

          • Emoto

            I don’t see how Mr. Dashcam using the 4-lane road improperly should be the fault of the road designer.

    • Jason Miller

      I also try to keep an eye out for cars in the next lane and wave them through if it’s clear. If I am the one crossing the lanes I do so very slowly until I can see if anyone is coming in the far lane. Drivers in the open lane should also be cautious anyway and travel at a reasonable speed. I don’t trust anyone driving by a lane of stopped cars so I slow way down.

  • Jason Miller

    I like how the truck didn’t even remotely attempt to avoid the collision.

    • Bash

      It was taken by surprise. It was totally out of the equation to the driver that someone would come up from that corner/side.

      • Jason Miller

        Plenty of time to at least swerve to the right.

    • Patrick

      Dash cam truck probably hindered the vision. Jeep didn’t see the pickup; pickup didn’t see the Jeep. That’s my thinking.

  • Paul

    Brainless idiot deserved that but too bad others got crashed up as well.

  • Robert
  • Vassilis

    Great driving

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