Tulsa Police Officer Filmed Texting And Driving Prior To Crash

Footage of an accident that took place on August 15 around 7:30 PM near Riverside Drive and East 66th Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and shows a police officer texting while driving right until the impact, has just been released.

About 25 seconds into the video, the officer can be seen changing lanes, when all of a sudden a Jeep Grand Cherokee comes sliding over the center median and hits the patrol car on the driver’s side. According to ABC Tulsa, the driver of the Jeep was found to be at fault.

While neither driver was seriously injured, the officer was taken to the hospital after complaining of a sore jaw and elbow, probably caused by the airbag.

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While it’s unclear why the driver of the Jeep lost control in the first place, we can definitely address the fact that the officer was texting and driving, which is not only wrong, but unprofessional.

“I think it’s dangerous. Bottom line: I don’t think anyone should text and drive,” said Christina Bonds, who lives near the site of the accident. “It’s scary over here anyways with traffic, because a lot of people, a lot of people everywhere when they’re driving, just don’t pay attention anymore.”

She also said that even if the other driver was responsible for the crash, the officer may have been able to do something about it had he not been on his phone: “It possibly could have been prevented had he not been texting”.

However, according to the description of the video, Tulsa officer Jeanne Pierce said that “there was nothing that this officer could have done to prevent this collision from happening.”

Well, maybe, maybe not – but when it’s been proven that texting while behind the wheel can be dangerous, seeing a police officer doing it doesn’t exactly give the right message to the rest of the drivers out there, does it?


  • Mr. EP9

    Looks like he is about to be out of a job.

  • Six_Tymes

    If this guy does not loose his job, something is definitely wrong. TERMINATE him Immediately.

    • TRB0T0Y

      Pfft… after a whack like that, being able to bust that mangled door open?! You’d definitely want a Cop like that to get your own wrecked door open, or catch a crook ay?
      He definitely deserves to be Captain of the Anti-Texting Unit. They ought to get him a pin or something, and he gets many dinners for the squad.
      Hope he gets well, and rises above his unprofessionalism.

      • Six_Tymes

        Anyone who texts and drives does not deserve to be working as a police officer. Do I really need to explain why? Are you serious, or just trolling me?

        • TRB0T0Y

          You’ve never texted whilst driving? Never had a driving job? What if he was texting a colleague pertinent info?
          It was a freak accident. Termination seemed a little harsh.

          • Knotmyrealname

            Have you ever been smoking whilst fuelling up your car? Have you ever driven in the snow with bald tyres? Have you ever juggled active chainsaws? Need I go on?

          • FFEMT6

            Who hasn’t juggled chainsaws?

          • ErnieB

            You forgot.. have you never had road head?

          • CarCzarDesigner

            Termination a little harsh? I was nearly killed because of this. The penalties for texting & driving is pretty much chump change, so people don’t take this seriously, despite the danger or the deaths. Add to the fact some people are also high behind the wheel and it’s a recipe for disaster. Or wouldn’t you mind spending the rest of life in an Iron Lung, looking up at the ceiling?

  • Jason Miller

    Curious to know why the Jeep lost control in the first place.

    • jason wu

      I am also curious what med the Jeep took that morning. Unfortunately, we can be curious about a lot of things but answers will not be found here.

      • FFEMT6

        Jeeps don’t ingest meds.

  • BlackPegasus

    From the looks of it, I doubt he could’ve avoided impact with that wayward Jeep even if he wasn’t texting. But the lesson is still clear.

    Don’t text and drive kids.

  • Bo Hanan

    Surprised but some of the hypocritical bull$hit comments here from people who know they text while driving too.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    So everyone focuses on him texting and no one sees that thing popping up without even watching to cut his lane…Texting or not, it was so sudden that he wouldn’t have been able to avoid it anyways.

    • SnakePlant

      I also agree that it was extremely fast, however, it’s likely that, if that driver was not texting, they would have seen an out of control vehicle and had the opportunity to avoid an impact. I think that’s the part that most people never think about. They always think, “I’m good at texting and driving, I’ll never cause an accident.” Maybe you could save yourself from an accident caused by someone else, though.

  • Karl

    Very dangerous,unprofessional and careless! There is no excuse for this behavior from a police officer,he simply should have pulled over to do his communicating.

  • Andrew Ngo

    Text and drive rule doesn’t apply to police as they are specially trained. I have seen police typing away on their laptops while driving too.

  • SnakePlant

    Take the profession out of the picture and replace it with any driver. It’s likely that, if that driver was not texting, they would have seen an out of control vehicle and had the opportunity to avoid an impact. I think that’s the part that most people never think about. They always think, “I’m good at texting and driving, I’ll never cause an accident.” Maybe you could save yourself from an accident caused by someone else, though.

    • Eric

      I don’t know, man. Even when I’m watching for it, waiting for it, I’m not convinced he (or I) would have been able to completely avoid it. With a divided roadway like that, and trees, how many of us are honestly scanning the opposite lanes?

      • SnakePlant

        I do agree with you as far as speed of event, however, I personally feel I do look pretty far ahead. Now, with that being said, it was a dark and blind left side, and I’m unsure if the car came from the direct left of the police vehicle or if it was heading head on (in the opposite lane) and then veered to it’s left, into the oncoming police vehicle. It looked like a Tbone, for which I can’t say I would’ve seen.

      • SnakePlant

        It was an extremely quick “0-100” of an accident for sure. Cannot disagree with you there.

      • Big Black Duck

        agree with you on this one…did not see that coming

  • Squeaky_1

    Text and driving is 100% illegal in Australia here.; Not even allowed to TOUCH a mobile phone while driving. even still at traffic lights, an offence just touching it – for ANY reason.

  • Paul

    Smooth move Ex lax.

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