Tesla Model 3 Driver Praises Car’s Stability After Getting Sideswiped

Cameras onboard a Tesla Model 3 captured the moment in which the electric sedan  was struck by a crossover in the dead of night.

The incident occurred last month in Deerfield Beach, Florida, southbound on i95. The video description states that it was 2 AM in the morning. However, that’s not all the driver of the Tesla cared to share with the internet.

After confirming that the allegedly drunk driver did eventually come to a halt, the person driving the Model 3 says: “I never lost control, and would have easily spun out in previous vehicles.”

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While we don’t know what type of cars they’re referring to, we’re pretty sure that getting sideswiped like that isn’t going to result in you spinning out of control as long as you keep on top of the situation steering input-wise, regardless of what you’re driving.

In any case, we’re glad that nobody was hurt and that the driver of the crossover decided against trying to get away with what they had done, which was definitely the smart move seen as how their vehicle was already badly damaged – not to mention the fact that they were already under the influence of alcohol.

Ultimately, this looks like a straight forward accident where the driver of the crossover was simply unable to keep to their lane. However, there are those on the YouTube comments thread that believe the crash was intentional, perhaps because the crossover driver had an issue with the Tesla.

Still, while we can’t know for certain, there’s no tangible evidence to suggest that this was an intentional hit.


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