Audi Debuts New 2017 A4 Campaign [9 Videos]

Audi has begun advertising its latest A4 model under the “Intelligence is the new Rock and Roll” campaign, but is Ingolstadt’s compact executive model such a bright rebel?

Audi definitely thinks so, as its campaign kicks off with a 60-second commercial, called “Rock and Roll”, which depicts the A4 as a symbol of a new era where smarter means better and cooler – where the new wave of “brainiacs” have a cult of followers, and CEOs are trading suits for sneakers.

Basically, Audi wants to point out that technology (and the people behind it) is becoming a big part of our daily lives, and the A4 delivers the latest high-tech intelligent gizmos to aid the driver, as Loren Angelo, Director of Marketing, Audi of America explains:

“Technology is immersed in every aspect of culture and life today, and its impact is undeniable. The creative campaign for the Audi A4 embodies this movement. The all-new A4 is one of the most intelligent cars on the road, with leading performance, technology and efficiency.”

From the “Pilotless” semi-autonomous driving feature, to Audi’s own “virtual cockpit”, the German car maker made sure nothing is left out of the ads. They even made a little bit of comparative advertising, poking Mercedes and BMW’s funny bone in the process.


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    • trentbg

      Cant agree more, definitely will be my next car!

  • MultiKdizzle

    So it flashes the ambient lighting on the door when exiting the car could result in a collision with traffic [second video]. That is awesome.

  • smartacus

    aw man, this car definitely needs a “Kick Me” sign

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    I love AUDI.

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  • smartacus

    you gotta be a real anu$ to actually buy this car