Putin’s Official Limo Involved In Gruesome Crash In Moscow, President’s Chauffeur Killed

A black BMW 7-Series that belonged to Russia’s Federation Council and driven by one of Vladimir Putin’s official drivers was involved in a head-on collision in Moscow with a Mercedes CLS, killing the presidential driver instantly and sending the Mercedes driver to hospital in critical condition.

Russian media report that Putin’s official car was driven by the president’s favorite driver. Vladimir Putin was not in the car during the accident.

CCTV footage taken on the Kutuzovsky Avenue reveals that the Mercedes CLS driver somehow lost control of the vehicle, crossing over from the opposite side of the road where it collided with the presidential BMW 7-Series at high-speed.

Putin’s driver was killed on the spot, according to medics arrived at the scene. Russian authorities haven’t named the victim, although it’s reported that he had more than 40 years of driving experience as an official driver.


  • Luca


  • kkkk

    too bad it was not putler that lil rat

    • Craiggger

      whos putler

      • Obsequious Lickspittle

        You know ….. Walter Putler.

    • davidgary1

      This Putler? https://youtu.be/qkRf2Qb1TAE
      One of the only world leaders talking any sense these days I would say.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Another drunk russian who wants play with his AMG CLS 63.
    Even a Putin’s chauffeur isn’t safe from russian road rage.
    Driving in that country is a suicide they’ve should done something about this.


      and what country is different? – even german autobans nowadays are full of arab sheikhs and russian oligarchs driving at 300km/h. Hypothyroidism knows no borders…

      • Elmediterraneo

        In any country an accident could happen but seriously just look a russian road rage video.
        That’s to much to be just random events.

      • Shobin Drogan

        Seriously? The amount of dash cam videos filming people doing insane things over there is like 5 times more than the rest of the world combined.

        • Jh

          True. The Russians have their amg’s, the Americans have their guns.

        • Duke Woolworth

          It’s a self defense move to protect from corrupt cops who cite by ruble.

          • Shobin Drogan

            I know why they have dashcams, but the number of videos where someone fights over the pettiest things is still absurdly high. You could tell by the way people around react, for them it’s a common occurrence.

        • LOVE FORCE ONE

          cause the rest of the world doesn’t use dashcams…

          • Shobin Drogan

            DId you read my entire statement or did you just read the word “dash cam”?

      • kello3000

        How do you link dry skin, hoarse voice and poor memory with driving fast in a powerful luxury vehicle?

        • LOVE FORCE ONE

          you need good memory to drive safely, skillfully…

  • BqWsRe

    Putin has been shaming Obama these days so we all know who is out to get him.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Lol. My first thought… Sort of a “I can get you if I want to”


    maybe this will make putin remember that he is a human so he’ll quit being an oligarch…

    • PB

      Do you even know what an “oligarch” is (or was)?


        if you need my help to google for you then ask – if you think you know somethin i don’t then say it…

  • InCotexM 3

    Putin probably will order taking care of the Mercedes driver 😉

    • CarCzarDesigner

      That was my thought too!

  • thunder bolt

    7 lanes including a bus lane on each side, and still not enough room for one idiot. A middle guard rail would have saved the man’s life.

    • Shobin Drogan

      Its so weird to see such a massive highway like that with no center guardrail.

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      correction : the seatbelt would have saved the man’s life.

  • R1S0

    and again idiot survived while innocent person died…

  • They both crossed the center line. From :01 to :05, the BMW is in the center lane. At :06, the BMW pulls away from the center line. At :07, the MB appears to be aiming for the BMW, judging by the angle of the front tires. But the MB looks like it’s going the same speed as traffic. Tragic.


    looks like CIA wet ops strikes again

  • europeon

    So… the car was’t armored? Weird.

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      bullets are not cars

      • europeon

        It doesn’t matter. An armored car is reinforced to the point it’s like a tank. There are videos of crash tests with such cars and the passenger cells barely get damaged.

  • Beelzaboot teriaksun

    I bet the presidential driver was not wearing his seatbelt.

  • Mohamad Eissa

    Something I can not understand, why the most brutal roads’ accidents always happen in Russia??? I really like Russia but people there drive like either angry or careless. Don’t know why!!!!

  • davidgary1

    Putin is a great leader, better than any western puppet. He has morals and balls.

    • PB

      Yep. That’s about right.

    • Chatman

      • davidgary1

        Obama putting on the tough guy persona. Everyone knows he’s a buffoon, puppet and coward.

        • Wideawake

          Still Putin has to look up to him, isn’t it?

          • davidgary1

            Look up to him because he’s taller but Putin only looks down to Obama in every other way and rightly so.

          • Wideawake

            You an absolute and utter moron! Name a single diplomatic achievement on a world stage Putin has achieved? Rank and utter morons like you only derides Obama on racial grounds and that says a lot about your personal depravity that even Putin’s lack of diplomatic achievements… I am not black but admires Obama for coming through the most vile test a politician has to endure, despite overwhelming evidence he has done more than the wicked media and its controllers spin to brain dead sheep like you. I am a truly globalist and hope the example set by Obama could be adopted by a few leaders so we could see a world where the threat of war is less… I suppose a moron like you would think differently if Putin was to invade your country and call it his? Maybe the people of Crimea have a different opinion of him than you. He could look down on Obama as you imply but he has nothing of the stature of the great man.

          • davidgary1

            Ok, so where do we start with a brainwashed moron like yourself. Number 1 what has Putin achieved? Putin has brought back pride to the Russian people. Putin has helped restore Christianity and morals to Russia. Putin has played a huge part in solving the crisis in Syria and averting a potential ww3. Putin helped expose the lie that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people which the U.S wanted to use as an excuse for full on invasion as they have so many times before. Putin done more damage to Isis in months than the U.S did in years, why? Because the U.S had more interest in toppling Assad so they could establish control and a puppet government. After, Lybia, Iraq etc Syria was the line in the sand for Putin so it didn’t happen thank God. Putin exposed the Turks buying oil from Isis and harbouring Isis members in Turkey. Putin has exposed U.S hypocrisy and corruption, and keeps Ed Snowden safe. The list goes on and on. Putin seen how the Zionist backed Bolshevik Revolution was an attack on Russia. He seen how the communist regime destroyed Russia and was an infiltration to start of with. Putin works for nobody but the Russian people. He is not a puppet of the globalist NWO agenda and he is not controlled by the Zionists/illuminati/Bilderbergs or whatever you want to call them. He has a 90% approval rating in Russia, higher than any U.S president ever had. He has restored the economy, military, education and all this with constant outside interference and infiltration sanctions etc. He is a strong leader and demands respect and love him or hate him the world respects him.
            Obama- promised to close Guantanamo- didn’t happen. Promised to take the troops out of Iraq and Afganistan- didn’t happen. Promised to bring change- didn’t happen. Promised to restore the economy- didn’t happen. Obamacare- a huge fallout. What did Obama achieve? Even the black Americans see him as a fallout. P diddy most recently dissed him. His greatest achievement was bringing in gay marriage against the will of the people wooohooohaaaa. He has lied time and time again and is one of the most disrespected U.S presidents in history- fact. He works for corporate interests and elite shadow government agenda. He is nothing but a cowardly puppet pansy bitch.
            As for Putin invading counties? Are you retarded? The U.S have been invading countries and murdering countless innocents for decades. 1 million innocent Iraqis dead. Countless men women and children killed in drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Afganistan etc. The U.S has 900 foreign military bases and Russia has 2. So if you take your western bias goggles of you will see in reality there’s a much bigger chance of the U.S invading than Russia. Russia hasn’t Invaded anywhere in recent history. Crimea is a complex situation and was never ‘invaded’ by Russia. The people who live there are loyal to Russia and the coop which happened in Ukraine was backed by the U.S/west. The U.S has surrounded Russia with missiles claiming its for the Iranian threat ‘which is non existent’. You really, really need to educate yourself. Try starting here. It’s actually cringeworthy to see a clear example of someone who has been trapped inside a bubble of U.S western brainwashing. I too am a westerner but I had the prudence and cop on not to listen to only one side of the propaganda machine which is western media. Welcome to reality my friend. Swallow the red pill and take of the blinkers.

          • davidgary1

            Ps throwing the racist card at me to win an argument shows lack of knowledge. The colour of his skin is irrelevant it’s what he stands for, what he has done and who he works for. And trying to say that Obama is a president of peace is ridiculous. Obama has increased the drone wars, attempted to throw fuel on the fire in Syria, caused chaos in Libya and throughout the Middle East. To compare Bush and Obama. 1567 U.S troops have been killed in Afganistan under Obama and 575 were killed under Bush, and that’s not to mention Iraq and all the non U.S innocents killed by drones under Obama. And you have the gall to call me brainwashed? Man, you are brainwashed! I don’t know what planet you live on but the media is totally bias in favour of Obama and Hillary Clinton for that matter. Apart from the Republican Party Fox News of course or more balanced alternative media sources which I prefer to watch and read.

          • Wideawake

            I repeat- you’re a rank and utter moron! I am an unashamed pro-western westerner, and when morons like you skirt around the issue and come up with the diatripe you did I simply call you out.
            I am not in the business of using race to win an argument, why should I? I have seen many times when people of your ilk confronted they behave exactly like you.
            In your defense you listed an unsubstantiated list of things Obama might have done, and even accused me of being brainwashed? Go look up the word lightweight. Fact is from the very first day of his presidency the propaganda machine on the right started working against him, who do you think we cant have a functioning government in the US? Why do you think, the appointment of a judge is taking so long which is unprecedented? Go back and listen to the red meat from Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnel, and see what I mean, The drones you are on about is because David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy first triggered the mess we have in Libya, see how Obama was reluctant only to be accused of not having a spine and not supporting the allies, see also all the news muttering s of him not wanting to engage his “muslim” brothers… he was backed in a corner and had no choice, you are a total hypocrite and truth bender to accuse others of no facts while you rely on hear say and right wing propaganda, The drones were used as Obama does not want to put American soldiers in harms way unnecessarily, you are praising Putin but Russia was in Afghanistan before the US and could not win that war, so Obama is very clever to know that you just cant fight a conventional war against guerillas it would last for decades, look at Columbia, Spain and ETA, Mexico, and many others… you cant trust the Arabs they use propaganda the most, and if a drone hit a target of course they would force their people to claim the opposite while mugs like you latch on to it.
            You are so disingenuous you use statistics to twist the real truth about Afghanistan, while it is true more deaths were under Obama, the fact is these were put there by Bush and Obama’s administration was only getting them out, the war intensified because of and the loss of lives would have been under Bush too had he been there.
            The war mongering right with their snout in the trough wants war and more wars that is how they fleece the country of billions in guns and weapons and they hate Obama because he sees a different way forward look up the fact moron- you are the brain washed one!
            Obama is on record of having done more for the economy than Bush, also crime, also jobs…

            If you know how to read go through it with an unbiased eye and come back to me with the bile you just did.

            Ended the 2008 Recession, Nobel Peace Prize, Reformed Health Care, Regulated the Big Banks, Tax Cuts in 2010, Eliminated bin Laden Threat and Ended Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Nuclear Agreement With Iran, World’s Largest Trade Agreement, International Climate Agreement… and the list of Obama’s achievements goes on.

            Now I challenge you and the other Putin kissers to name a SINGLE international achievement of Putin..

          • davidgary1

            Ok I think Obama- Nobel peace prize just about sums it up. What a joke! You have made excuse after excuse and any rational minded person reading these comments will see how you have lost the argument plain and simple. I’m not gna waste anytime on someone who refuses to educate himself. By the way I’m not a Republican or democrat, I’m someone who’s sees through the bullshit.

  • pinjong

    Maybe the center lane is for government vehicles and two of them just met.

  • Enter Ranting

    Center divider, Russia. Look into it.

  • Jh

    Russian Rich fokkers, you’re going to get it now…

  • Captain Obvious

    Hmm… You know Obama’s goons hacked that car to send Putin a message, right? It’s not a mere coincidence.

  • KidRed

    DAMMNNNN. CLS was FLYING! Why is there no damn median between the lanes? That would’ve at least changed the direction somewhat of the CLS. Or a lane separating wall like most highways have.

  • Ken

    that was the Russian president’s limousine? seriously? that’s smaller than most American cars. i’d ask for a raise Vlad.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    All of a sudden Vault 7 just got a lot more real.

  • Omer woodruff

    People have a false sence of security when driving a car . Very few people realize our bodies are like a gallon of milk in a car . Just because the car stops moving forward . Does not mean the fluids in your body stop . Our insides are just like that gallon of milk flying forward . Even though the car stopped . You can literally end up with a crushed brain in your head . That sudden stop could be the last thing you did . When driving think about what would happen if a gallon of milk went flying forward . Because , that’s you in a sudden stop .

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