Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Navigate Snow Covered Road Without Lane Markings

Tesla’s Autopilot system has faced its fair share of critics since being introduced but seems to be getting better with every software update.

Most recently, the electric automaker increased the system’s reliance on its radar and it seems to be doing the trick with one owner recently enjoying the convenience of Autopilot on a snow covered road absent of any road markings and without a vehicle in front.

During the drive, the Tesla sits at 30 mph and appears to navigate the curving road without any issues. At one stage towards the end of the video, the car comes a little close to the snow embankment at the side of the road but other than that, it appears to work seamlessly.

Yesterday, dashcam footage emerged of the updated Autopilot system detecting a crash before it happened.

Are you an Autopilot fan or sceptic?