BMW X2 Targets Mercedes In New Ad, Drops Mic On Them

Unless we’re referring to high-end models driven in a spectacular landscape with a V8 or V12 engine acting as the soundtrack, car commercials are boring, most of the time at least.

So, surely an ad for the new BMW X2 isn’t even worth checking out, right? Wrong, because the Munich branb has just released out one of the most hilarious commercials we’ve seen lately.

The short video shows the crossover with a gold finish and tinted windows rolling in front of an improvised Mercedes-Benz dealership. This is where three crossovers are lineup up, with the salesman inspecting them.

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The lyrics “I know why you’re mad when you see me” can be heard playing from the sound system inside the BMW X2, just before the person behind the wheel opens the window and drops the mic. The music then continues with yet another verse: “You wanna be me”. BMW’s small crossover then drives away, just as the song says “they love me”.

Accompanied by a small caption: “A real star rolls out in gold. Be the one who dares”, the ad is definitely catchy and highlights the decades old rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It also comes one year after BMW M made donuts to celebrate the Mercedes-AMG’s 50th anniversary, congratulating them on the occasion in a very unique manner.


  • Andrewthecarguy

    Whatever BMW. Until the X2 gets street cred, it is just another sneaker on wheels.
    That said, i remember the 1 series was not taken seriously. now try to find a 135i used for a decent price 🙁 thanks to ‘JB4’. ugly as the 1 series might be said to be…
    Ditto the Z3 M coupe clown shoe.

  • Dr Bjorn Von Strangefingger

    Ok, the whole ‘drop the mic’ thing has been officially played the F out!

    • Status

      I get the same kind of feeling anytime anyone says something will ‘break the internet’? The internet only ‘breaks’ when the Chinese sends its hackers into action.

      On the plus side, this ad makes Mercedes that much more desirable.


    Cringey af

  • PK

    Mercedes Benz = Real Madrid

    BMW = FC Barcelona

    I mean seriously. There’s no other car rivalry as big as bmw and mercedes!

    • Ilbirs

      Maybe because we can find Bimmers and Mercs all around the globe. I’d put in this account of historical rivalries also Ford X Chevrolet, despite we can’t find Chevies in some parts of the globe.

      • PK

        sorry but no. ford and chevrolet doesn’t come close when it comes to german cars.

  • Blake Stafford

    Is the cringe an extra or does it come standard with the fake off road credentials?

  • Joe E

    I think the ad would have been more effective without the mic drop. Just the car cruising by, song playing, and Old Man Benz looking gobsmacked.

  • Ilbirs

    Since after the decision of making FWD cars I see BMW being even more dilluted as brand than the already dilluted that it was when it made the SUV offensive.

  • benchara yanis

    XC40 killed them both

  • iea96

    BMW knows their customers too well, that’s why they’re playing all their cards on the “Hey look at me I’m loud and flashy” category.

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