Porsche Cayman GT4 Hits Nurburgring Guardrail Hard During VL1 Race

There’s a reason why the Nurburgring is often referred to as the ‘Green Hell’. The “green” part refers to the fact that it’s surrounded by a dense forest, and the “hell” to it being extremely dangerous and unforgiving should you make even the tiniest mistake.

The good news is that modern cars are better equipped to handle high speed impacts, resulting in less casualties when something goes awry. This Porsche Cayman GT4 is no different, absorbing the force of that initial hit like a champ. Still, as the driver can attest, things could have been much worse.

You can read about his experience briefly in the video’s comments section, where he mentions that he managed to walk away uninjured, despite being a bit dizzy right after getting out of the car. While vehicles may have gotten better at dealing with accidents, the human body hasn’t, so a shunt can easily result in injury – or worse.

The crash took place back in March during the VL1 season opener, and was caused by the Cayman’s driver carrying too much speed while exiting that left-hand corner.

Had he been travelling at a lower speed, he might have been able to avoid crashing hard in the left guardrail after initially nudging the right-hand one. But 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing – thus, we digress. In any case, it’s good to see that no one was hurt after all.

  • Six_Tymes

    Wow, glad he is OK! The car looks better now, maybe because that ugly cayman rear end got torn off.

  • There are several major incident before N24h is started, there is also the Green Audi TT that is crashed in Flugplatz during qualification yesterday. good thing is no driver is injured badly.

  • eb110americana

    If he didn’t have his foot pinned on the gas, he could have gotten out of that one. The whole way down the right guardrail and into the left one, he is accelerating. Maybe he thinks driving fast is just pushing the gas pedal more.

    I’m more amazed that if you pause it as he comes off the right guardrail, there is zero visible damage!

    • ace_9

      I always like when professional racing veterans bless us all with their masterful advice. Thank you master. You are clearly the one that should be teaching these pedal pushing german endurance race noobs.

  • Strangelove Boom

    This driver took a bad line, but this not the first time I’ve seen a GT4 or Clubsport dart right off the track from what initially starts as understeer.

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