Officer Forgets To Pull The Handbrake, Patrol Car Ends Up In A Ditch

In rural Romania, cars appear to have developed a mind of their own. Well, actually they haven’t; like many other accidents, this one was caused by a human error.

The short video shows a police officer pulling over on the side of the road. The man then leaves the car, a first-gen Dacia Logan, and a few seconds later, the vehicle starts heading towards the ditch, just as a horse-pulled carriage approaches.

A Good Samaritan can be seen trying to give a helping hand, as he attempts to stop the police cruiser using his hands. But it was already too late, as the laws of physics prevented him from doing so, and the inevitable happened.

Luckily, nobody was injured, as the road was pretty much empty at the time and the only damages sustained by the Dacia were on the front left side, which absorbed most of the impact.

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It appears that this incident took place almost two years ago, despite being shared on YouTube recently. We don’t know if the officer had to pay for the repairs, or if he was in any way reprimanded by his superiors. In any case, he’ll probably have learned his lesson: never, ever leave any car without having engaged the handbrake (and a gear in a manual, or Parking in an auto ‘box, just to make sure).


  • Six_Tymes

    S**T happens

  • Paul


  • Brent Morrison

    This is why you choose an automatic transmission


  • Moveon Libtards

    D o n a l d J. T r u m p
    @realD o n a l d T r u m p

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  • ProtectOurHeritage

    Ahh, it was a Dacia. No great loss.

  • cat

    I think somebody push the car but the the recording camera dind’t see that!

  • Miknik

    The open ditch and approaching horse cart just scream for a comment in borat voice…

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