Tailgating Pickup Truck Driver Swerves And Causes Head-On Collision

Tailgating is one of the dumbest things one can do behind the wheel. Not only does it infuriate other drivers, but it’s utterly pointless and rarely achieves anything. Need an example? Look no further than this video.

Captured in Texas, it shows the moment two pickup trucks slam head-on in an accident caused purely by the impatience of one of the pickup owners.

The Flower Mount, TX Dash Cam channel on YouTube says that one of the pickup drivers was tailgating a red Mercedes SUV when traffic banked up and slowed rapidly. As the pickup driver was following the Mercedes too closely, he was unable to brake in time and opted instead to swerve aggressively to the left, right into oncoming traffic.

As you can imagine, the impact was massive and both trucks suffered serious damage.

The smaller pickup, which caused the crash, appears to have sustained the most damage and the cab has almost almost bent in half. The other, which appears to be a Ford F-Series, can be seen with a smashed front end and hood.

Fortunately for both drivers, the incident happened when other motorists were around. As a result, witnesses were able to quickly call for help and the two occupants were taken to hospital for treatment.

  • Cameron

    Oh wow that’s right around the corner from me

  • datCubanguy

    Patience is a virtue!

  • Paul

    The ride of your life.

  • Papa Van Twee

    “…when traffic banked up and slowed rapidly.”

    I’m not being overly critical here, but I am fascinated that you substituted an “n” for a “c” in what should be “backed”. While they are on the same row, they are 3 keys apart and typed by different hands. A weird typo.

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