BMW Driver Fights Off Attackers By Hitting Them With His Car

This road rage incident is a little bit hard to gauge, seen as how we don’t know exactly what had happened prior to the BMW driver pulling into this gas station.

According to the video’s description, the reason why those men wanted to yank the driver of the 3-Series out of his car was because of something that happened off camera. Could it have been serious enough so as to lead to a physical confrontation? Maybe, maybe not, but it happened anyway.

The whole thing took place just a few days ago, July 15, in Ormond Beach, Florida. The footage kicks off with two men attempting to pull the BMW driver out of his car after the latter had apparently ran away from them. Then, the Bimmer guy manages to drive forward, before stopping and reversing towards his assailants.

While the reversing maneuver could be explained as the driver trying to get away, he then accelerated forward and intentionally hit the man in the grey shirt. Even if those two guys do end up facing charges, the BMW driver will have to explain to the authorities why hepurposely hit someone with his car.

The video is labeled as a road rage incident by the person who uploaded it, but maybe there’s more to it that justified this type of action. Hopefully authorities managed to sort this one out.

  • Craig

    I would have to KNOW exactly what lead up to this. Hitting the guy with his car
    might be VERY justified.

    • Six_Tymes

      i doubt it was “justified”, BUT, i suppose its possible. for example, if those dudes attacked his GF, family member or friend without provocation.

      • Craig

        Of course it’s possible.

      • PhilMcGraw

        I think you could see this as justified under the castle doctrine, considering he was in the vehicle and was about to be forced out of it and so used said vehicle to prevent an intruder. I am saying that I could see that being the defense used here, not saying that’s what will come of this.

        • Six_Tymes

          true. like Craig posted above, I would also like to know exactly what lead up to this.

      • Status

        Ah, so you subscribe to the islamic honor system of retribution.

      • Bo Hanan

        “for example, if those dudes attacked his GF, family member or friend without provocation.”

        You sound like a bate-blue-pill boy. What if they attacked him? Is that justified?
        Or is it only justified when its for someone else?

        • rodriguez256

          I don’t think that’s what he meant, you really made something out of nothing. Of course if they attached him it would be justified as well.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Frankly, I don’t know what lead up to this, but I’m with the driver. Having two guys come to haul you out of your car is an irresponsible act. If there was an issue, call the cops (and video him if you get the chance). He’s in the gas station, on CCTV already, and will be easily traced.
      Maybe he did nothing of note, and those guys are the aggressors. Who knows.

  • Mr. EP9

    It’s everyone favorite state, Florida, providing us with quality entertainment yet again.

  • cooper

    Nice !!

  • PK

    BMW Drivers = The Philadelphia Eagles fans of cars!!!! 2 of the worst things you can possibly ever imagine!!!!

  • ace_9

    If somebody attacked me in a car like that, I would hit them both, not just one of them… Probably also more times if they would not give up. I don’t understand why the driver should justify his actions. He was clearly attacked and I don’t see why he should not hit back with whatever he can use. Not everyone is a type of guy who can manage two fat americans with bare hands… And not everyone has a type of personality to just run away and let them be unpunished.

  • Markus Jentes

    Just based on the video evidence alone and not knowing more of what happened beforehand, it looks like the two men were going to attack the driver and not go over there to exchange words. In my book, the driver acted swiftly, and non-lethally to get himself out of this situation. You can’t be gentle with a car even at 5 mp/h against a person… The men were lucky they didn’t get run over or crushed to death. If someone did that to me, I wouldn’t hesitate either. They can eat the front bumper of my truck.

  • Andrew Riles

    I’m not convinced the BMW driver has a legit claim for self defence here… running one of the guys over, it appeared he turned away from the exit and towards the guy as he ran him over….suggesting he was trying to hit the guy rather than simply escape….

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