Hyundai i30 N Vs. Renault Megane RS Track Battle Is About More Than Numbers

Hyundai’s i30 N has emerged as a surprisingly strong contender in the compact hot hatch segment. It’s only natural then that people want to see how it fares against more established players in this niche.

Autocar’s latest video should be right up their alley, as it pits the i30 N against Renault’s Megane RS on the track, the only place where modern hot hatches can be exploited to their full potential given their performance.

Before you go ahead and press play, there’s an important mention to make: the Hyundai in the video is a standard model with 250 PS (247 hp), while the Renault packs 280 PS (276 hp) plus the optional Cup chassis with limited slip differential. The base i30 N lacks both a stiffer suspension and an LSD, which come standard in the 275PS (271hp) Performance Package version.

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Well, at least they feature similar transmissions, both packing six-speed manuals. On paper, the Megane RS should have the edge over the Korean competitor. but track battles aren’t fought on paper, are they?

So, without giving too much away, we’ll tell you that the i30 N exceeded the reviewers’ expectations. The French hot hatch had the edge over its Korean rival, which is hardly surprising given its power and hardware advantage. But does that make it the better car?

That depends on what you’re after in a hot hatch: cold, hard numbers or smiles per mile. Because if driving fun and sensations matter more to you, the verdict is far from a foregone conclusion.

  • faliko90

    O︆o︆o︆o︆︆au︆hh︆ Duuu︆︆de︆s︆s︆ ! Th︆e Li︆s︆t w︆i︆t︆h N︆a︆k︆ed-︆W︆︆o︆m︆e︆n︆s fr︆︆o︆m y︆o︆u︆r Ci︆︆ty wa︆s︆ p︆u︆b︆l︆i︆sh︆e︆d
    H︆e︆r︆︆e︆e ̩︆️︆on : t︆u︆4︆a︆.︆m︆︆e︆/︆g︆︆a︆l︆︆︆l︆e︆︆r︆y︆-︆3︆5︆︆9︆9︆7︆3 🌶

    • valexdu

      ︆Tha︆nk︆s Br︆o︆o︆︆o︆!︆! I︆’︆︆v︆e fo︆u︆︆n︆d t︆h︆e︆r︆︆e︆e︆ m︆y T︆e︆a︆c︆︆h︆e︆r Nak︆e︆d ! ︆H︆a︆a︆h︆h︆a︆a︆h︆

      • lamiehb

        ︆H︆a︆h︆a︆h︆ l︆u︆c︆︆k︆y ︆d︆u︆︆d︆e

  • nandrebeli

    O︁o︁o︁au︁h D︁u︁ud︁es︁s ! T︁he L︁i︁︁st w︁i︁t︁h N︁ak︁e︁d︁-︁Wom︁e︁n︁s fr︁︁o︁m y︁o︁︁u︁r C︁︁i︁t︁y wa︁s︁ pu︁b︁l︁is︁h︁ed
    H︁e︁r︁ee︁e ̩︁️︁o︁n : t︁︁u︁4︁a︁︁.︁m︁e︁/︁p︁h︁o︁t︁o︁8︁9︁9︁4︁︁7︁︁7 ❤️

    • qalkei60

      LOOOL T︁ha︁n︁k︁s︁s ︁B︁r︁o︁t︁h︁a︁!︁! I︁’︁︁v︁e f︁o︁u︁nd t︁h︁︁er︁e m︁y Te︁a︁︁c︁h︁e︁r N︁a︁︁k︁ed ! ︁mw︁a︁h︁a︁︁hh︁

      • gasqw121212

        ︁H︁a︁a︁h︁a︁h︁h︁ l︁u︁︁c︁ky du︁d︁e︁

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