Audi To Present ‘The In-Car Entertainment Of The Future’ At CES

The new-gen Audi A8 may have one of the nicest and cleanest interiors in the segment. However, it will soon pale next to the upcoming generation of in-car entertainment announced by the automaker.

Set to be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, between January 8 and 11, 2019, the technology is split in two: on-the-road entertainment and movie theater-like experience.

Described as “the next-generation drive-in movie theater”, the latter is called ‘Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment’. The automaker says it will allow occupants to enjoy movies and content provided by streaming services while the vehicle is stationary.

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As for the on-the-road entertainment system, it pretty much does what its name says, and that’s entertain occupants during long or short journeys. This technology is said to equip the autonomous Audi vehicles of the future, as being in a self-driving car opens up the free time the occupants need in order to enjoy this feature.

Audi has readied both technologies and will display them “inside a luxury sedan” at their fair booth in Las Vegas, for the estimated 170,000 visitors.

2019 will mark the 9th year since Audi first started attending the Consumer Electronics Show.

Note: 2019 Audi E-Tron and E-Tron prototype pictured

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  • StrangerGP

    Cleanest? Nope, fingerprints everywhere! 😉

    • Bash

      Somebody gives this guy a 100 likes.

    • salamOOn

      fingerprints, dust, scratches, reflections.

      super luxury!

  • kDawg

    Sorry, MB UX wins but out of Tesla’s league.

  • salamOOn

    The new-gen Audi A8 may have one of the nicest and cleanest interiors in the segment.
    Yeah, UNTIL you need to use it. really “practical”…..

  • sidewaysspin

    The interior looks like the current Honda Civic.

  • Ben

    Audi and LandRover products of late have more finger prints inside them than the police booking dept.

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