Massive Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles Is Scary To Watch

This horrible fiery crash took place in Russia and it involved multiple vehicles, both large and small. According to the video’s description, the driver responsible for causing it lost control and collided with oncoming traffic.

From our vantage point, provided by the dashcam vehicle, we can’t exactly see the moment of impact, nor which vehicle struck first, although what appears to be a grey hatchback seems to have come off worst – and we can only hope that its driver and any other occupants survived.

We count at least five vehicles affected by the crash, among them a white box van, multiple semi trucks, the heavily damaged hatchback plus another car that flipped over by the side of the road. Then there’s the cammer, who stopped precisely over the fire trail left by the semi ahead.

We don’t know what caused the massive accident, if there was a driver error or some kind of malfunction. The good thing is so many people stopped to help, despite some of them being visibly shaken up by what they had just witnessed or endured.


  • Paul

    Wow. A “How Not To Drive Car On Road” encore here. I hope they all made it.

  • Daniel

    whats disturbing is the white car navigates around the traffic and keeps on driving.. WTF

    • TheHake

      Got places to go!

    • Miknik

      Russia. Probably his 5th massive accident that day.

    • Marty

      Huh? Are we talking about the white Samara who avoids the apparent fire danger, stops were it’s not blocking the road, and then gets out?

      …instead of doing like the filming car: stopping on top of burning fuel while also blocking the road.

  • OdysseyTag

    Well that played out like a movie. How bizarre.

  • Howfarr

    What moron parks over the top of burning fuel?

    • nastinupe

      A moron

    • ace_9

      This is also why no one below certain IQ should have a driving license. It is too easy to drive a car legally nowadays, but it requires some intelligence, reflexes, coordination, orientation, judgement of car dynamics and also good understanding of at least basic mechanical principles of cars. Most of the people on the road have a very limited amount of these skills. Additionally a person should be reasonably patient, polite, observant, able to predict, etc. Strangely only very little is really required to get a driving license. And after getting the license, many people get even worse, because there is no one to watch over them anymore.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Thank goodness that old lady got out of her car to stand there and half-heartedly gesture to the areas where cars involved in the accident were laying on their roof. She practically saved the day. Unlike that white Merkur-like hatch that drove through it all.

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