Watch Ford F-350 Super Duty Free Helpless 2019 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is an exceptionally capable pickup truck, not unlike its direct rivals in the Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, the RAM, GMC Sierra or the Nissan Titan.

It’s hard to find any real downsides to any of these trucks, although if your goal is to literally tackle any type of terrain, you better be sure you’re driving a version with sufficient ground clearance, plenty of power, the right suspension setup and of course, proper off-road tires.

Seen as how this 2019 Toyota Tundra managed to get itself stuck in some mud, we’re willing to wager that at least some of those factors weren’t as they should be for these types of slippery conditions. In fact, the Toyota truck looks pretty much stock, although it might be wearing the TRD Off-Road Package.

Either way, it’s safe to assume that it’s powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine, with 381 HP and 401 lb-ft (543 Nm) of torque on tap, which might not be enough pulling power for certain sticky situations, but since we’re speculating, we’d rather bet on this being a lack of traction issue, more than anything else.

As luck would have it, somebody in a modded 2018 Ford F-350 Super Duty came to help, boasting 22-inch Fuel Maverick Rims, 40×15.50 Fury Off-Road tires, a 6-inch lift kit and Patriot tuning.

Its best feature though? The optional 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel unit, with 450 HP and no fewer than 935 lb-ft (1,267 Nm) of torque. It’s no wonder it managed to pull the Tundra out of the mud and up the hill back towards the freeway.


  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    seriously toyota and nissan…just give it up..ur trucks suck

    • Smith

      Didn’t see a Ford F-150 or a Silverado run to assist the Tundra, I wonder why … Oh yes, because they are in the same class as the Tundra and also because they are shit, unlike the Tundra!

      • LJ

        I don’t see a Silverado or F-150 stuck in the mud.

  • Smith

    It is aways great to see an unbiased article that implies that a Toyota Tundra needed a big Ford to pull it out of trouble, but what would make this article credible would be if a Ford F-150 has pulled the Tundra out, so it was a fair comparison as opposed to a totally irrelevant and skewed article. Thanks for nothing!

    • LJ

      The article isn’t implying anything… the Tundra DID need the Ford to pull it out of trouble.

      And the author goes out of his way to assume the Tundra is stock and the Ford isn’t, so relax. No one cares if you prefer Japanese trucks.

      • Smith

        You might read it that way but you are wrong, on all assumptions. Read “Helpless” and then understand what that implies, that is all that matters, or is that too hard to see?

        • LJ

          That Tundra was helpless and needed to be pulled out by the Ford.

          I’m not sure you know what the word “implies” means.

        • Dude

          unable to defend oneself or to act without help

          The Tundra was stuck in the mud…. in any case you shouldn’t care. The truck war is easily the dumbest car culture war.

    • Rocket

      Tundra owner I assume? Regardless, there’s no need to be so defensive. The [TRD Off-Road] Toyota got stuck, the Ford got it unstuck. It wasn’t a comparison test for crying out loud. It is clear which is more capable at this particular task, however.

  • nastinupe

    I’m not a truck guy or anything but I would compare this to watching a Ford GT beat a Nissan 370 Z in a drag race then run around bragging that Ford makes better sports cars.

    • Smith

      Agreed, glad others see the headline as misleading and irrelevant. Note LJ

  • ace_9

    I don’t see the article suggesting that Ford trucks are better than Toyota ones. It even mentions that the Tundra looks to be stock and F-350 is upgraded (it clearly has offroad tires). It is just an article with a video for truck guys. No big deal. Both manufacturers make capable trucks and other vehicles.

    • Smith

      Right, but a lot of people will only see the headline and the implication there is obvious for almost everyone to see, when you use the word “Helpless”

      • ace_9

        Yes, the headline is quite strong for what the real situation was. I agree with that. It’s not the first time they use click-bait headlines here 😀

      • LJ

        It’s only a problem for insecure Tundra fans.

        • Six_Tymes

          lmao. how true

  • Bash

    I find this overrated and hard to believe.

  • kachuks

    Somebody has obviously done this before.


    • Six_Tymes


  • William Allen

    It would have made it even easier if the tundra driver would have been steering in the direction of the pull and not away from it , some people’s kids lol

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I hear the 2019 model comes with an arrow on the dashboard to let you know the direction the wheels are pointing in.

    • Ralph R Pascual

      To me, it looked like he was steering away from it because it didn’t want to get covered with mud. I’m a Tundra guy but kuddos to the Ford guy teaching that Tundra guy an lesson…. LOL

    • brn

      Looking at the tracks that got the Tundra in the ditch in the first place, it’s not surprising.

  • William Allen

    Operator error at it’s finest

  • Ralph R Pascual

    Lol…. I’m a Tundra guy but I think it’s funny how the Ford guy is pulling the Tundra going straight and flying mud all over it like saying that’s what you get for getting stuck without mud tires and stuff….. LOL

    • brn

      At first, I was a little bothered by how hard the Ford driver was driving, but then I saw it as kinda funny. I’ll get you out, but boy I’m gonna cover you with mud!

  • Paul

    Helpless or hapless Toyota Tundra/owner?

  • Hot Twink

    Considering how the Tundra driver didn’t know how to steer to follow the Super Duty helping him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to cross the highway median in two-wheel drive. I bet he put the Tundra in four-wheel drive after he got stuck.

    Better tires would have helped, but so would a more competent driver. He needs to go take some off-road driving classes.

  • MaximusBraveheart

    I just got my Tundra winched out of a crash. Black ice. Then down the highway embankment through lots of snow. Stopping in a grove of small trees; damaging the whole drivers side. Not injured and very thankful, PTL. Almost ran into a semi before my off road ride.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Not an expert of off roading but i tend to support all those who say it’s more a driver’s issue than a car issue. See those tracks near the Tundra….they tell you how he ended up there and how he can’t use steering, doesn’t understand weights, slopes etc.

  • Six_Tymes

    imagine if he didnt help him out. towing charge would be astronomical

  • S T

    Ford, making TRDs brown again!

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