Toyota Tundra Straddles HOV Lane, Gets Smashed By F-150

This incident took place earlier this month in Garland, Texas, when the driver of a black Toyota Tundra pickup cut into the carpool lane at crawling speed, seemingly unaware of the fast-approaching Ford F-150.

The Ford pickup slammed into the Toyota at an estimated 70 mph (112 km/h) according to the description of the video, which in turn nearly sent the F-150 flying over the concrete divider and into oncoming traffic. We just hope everyone involved was wearing their seat belts.

In terms of who’s fault this was, that one is pretty easy to figure out. The driver of the Tundra was not only inconsiderate for attempting to use the carpool lane at that particular point in time, but they were also out of their depth from a legal standpoint.

We actually doubt there is a lot the Ford driver could have done to avoid the impact. They clearly attempted to slow down. However, the Toyota kept moving left, which made the crash pretty much unavoidable.

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While there isn’t a lot of post-crash information with regards to this incident, we can only assume that the person driving the Toyota pickup was sanctioned for their unlawful maneuver, as well as for being responsible for the collision itself.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if the Ford driver and any potential passenger sustained injuries, considering this type of contact and speed at which it happened. Still, as stated before, seat belts should have helped, so hopefully everyone is alright.


  • DetrinKD

    It’s disturbing no one stopped to help including the cammer to provide the video.

    Second to that… wth was that Tundra driver thinking. There is no explanation for his actions. If he was looking he had to have seen that F-150 coming full speed and there is no way he thought he was going to be able to stop in time… and if he didn’t look… smh

    • badcyclist

      Well, it was the opening day of deer season so everyone was in a hurry.

  • Ben

    Looks like the Ford is the one that got smashed. We really need to make the requirements for getting and maintaining a license in this country more strict.

  • The Toyota was going to slow, so the fast moving Ford could not stop in time to avoid the collision. The Toyota driver should be charged with reckless driving

    • Bo Hanan

      The Ford didn’t even slow down.

      • Adam Crumpler

        You are delusional. The Toyota literally just stopped in the fast lane lol

        • Bo Hanan

          Or you could kiss my a$$. That’s always an option.

      • Merc1

        Are you on drugs?


        • Bo Hanan

          Only the ones your mom gave me. Little red pills. I don’t remember the name.

        • Jay

          Yes many of them are on drugs on this one, i can see that the Ford hit the brakes but there was no time to avoid impact.

  • Trevor Robert Cutts

    The tundras frame rotted out and was trying to move over everyone was alright.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Of course the Tundra was at fault here, but what was the F-150 driver doing? Certainly not paying attention. It looked like there was no awareness of what was ahead. About 5 seconds after he moved into the lane, the F-150 came barrelling through. Certainly enough time to emergency brake.

    • DetrinKD

      There is NO WAY you could blame the F-150 driver. Yeah they technically could have slowed down sooner but there still would have been contact. And I don’t think it was abnormal for them to think that “this idiot CANNOT really be considering cutting in front of me and they are surely going to stop before completely jumping in the lane.” Even if the F-150 wasn’t paying attention the Tundra is STILL at fault. Never mind the fact that you can actually see the F-150 slam hard on the brakes just as it comes into view.

      • McFly

        We know who’s at fault. But with that sorted out we can think of what we can do to avoid this kind of situation. Expecting dumbasses in front of us to bail out of congestions into our totally empty lane is one thing we can do.

        • sparkle

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        • Merc1

          Nothing. Doesn’t matter. It isn’t supposed to happen and there is no point of having a HOV lane that is separate if you have to creep along because some moron my come over barrier and enter the lane.


        • NailGun

          F150 driver was going too fast for the situation. Absolutely no awareness about anything.

          • Merc1

            Do you just not understand what happened here? He was driving in a lane that is BLOCKED OFF from the rest of the road. There shouldn’t have been a situation in the first place.


      • Merc1


        It’s amazing how dumb some people are.


      • Knotmyrealname

        Yeah my very first words were that the Tundra was at fault, and… yes, at the very best, the cars would have come together with a ‘love tap’, but it’s quite obvious the F-150 made the wrong call and reacted too slowly.
        …..And you can’t drive around assuming everyone will do the RIGHT thing and then plow on in disbelief thinking that it’ll go away. Anyone will tell you that you should be prepared for anyone to do the WRONG thing.
        ….and if you watch the video again, you can see the braking distance that was available when you pay attention. This is illustrated by the driver following the F-150.

    • paulgdeaton

      One often-overlooked principle of law: you are not liable for not anticipating the illegal actions of another person. In this case, it is not clear the F-150 driver had an adequate opportunity to avoid or mitigate the collision.

      Having said that… I must admit I will net miss two fewer oversized trucks (carrying one passenger each!) on the freeway…

  • Willzyx

    Well, don’t rush all at once to check on the Ford guy.

  • getoffme

    You mean the Ford got smashed by the Tundra.

  • Ben

    People really need to start being held accountable for crap like this. A hefty two-four year license suspension for stuff like this would snap a lot of people in line and get bad drivers off the road.

  • Porkopolis

    What happened was…

    The Tundra driver crept into the HOV lane because he drives a pickup, so he thinks everyone in the HOV lane will slow down because he drives a pickup

    The F-150 driver didn’t slow down because he drives a pickup, so he thinks everyone will get out of his way because he drives a pickup.

    Unfortunately, that day, both drivers forgot they were in Texas where everyone has a pickup.

  • Thunderbolt

    both drivers and passengers should be ok, they were in big machines.

  • New email old me

    Oh the schadenfreude of it all. Two truck drivers; I am surprised they are normally polite and courteous and selldom use the size of their vehicle to intimidate other drivers

  • Danangme

    They fly low in Texas
    Back before GPS I was heading into Dallas from Memphis and I was keeping up with heavy traffic going 75-80 MPH and needed to merge onto I-35 to San Antonio, put on my blinker and low and behold drivers adjusted and let me in. Good luck trying that in Jersey.

  • BostonCharles

    I see 2 bad drivers here.

    Toyota driver is totally legally at fault. I hope they got a reckless driving citation.

    But F150 had plenty of time to stop if he was paying attention. The fact he was going that fast when he hit shows he started braking way too late. That Tundra moved over slowly and if the F150 had started braking immediately he wouldn’t have hit. He wasn’t paying attention which makes him a lousy driver.

    So they both suck. Toyota guy worse.

  • James Denz

    The Tundra driver was driving through cones and merging there is illegal. 70 mph is legal and those commuter lanes are designed for faster moving traffic and only merging left from the regular left lane when there are no cones and merging is legal.

  • James Denz

    Sorry but you’re dead wrong here. Crossing the double lines AND going through the poles is totally illegal. The Ford driver was simply driving in the HOV lane when the idiot in the Toyota slowly crossed though those poles. He braked but too late. Rear ending someone who cuts you off is not your fault.

  • Paul

    Toyota driver was a complete douche bag. Obviously he didn’t look or at least look far enough back to see if he could make this illegal move. Ford driver wasn’t paying enough attention either it looks like.

  • Jay

    I guess you don’t understand what an HOV lane is. Your are not supposed to merge into that lane at all.

  • Jay

    It’s hard to tell but at the high rate of speed it would’ve been hard to stop and since the speed of the Tundra was 5-10mph it was equivalent to a wall appearing out of nowhere. To me it does look like the ford hit the brakes but impact eminent.

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