2020 Renault Logan, Sandero And Stepway Unveiled In Brazil With New Styling, CVT Option

Renault has finally revealed the facelifted Sandero, Logan and Stepway lineup for South America.

All three models receive a subtle styling makeover, improved interior quality, a new optional CVT X-Tronic automatic transmission, and more safety features.

Starting off with the exterior makeover, the front end receives a new C-shaped LED DRL signature incorporated in the headlights, a revised chromed grille shaped to resemble that of the latest Renault models, and new front bumpers.

2020 Renault Stepway

At the rear, the redesigned taillights sport a new LED signature as well and it’s worth noting that the Sandero and Stepway models feature very different taillamps that extend more horizontally compared to the same facelifted Renault models sold in other markets. The only exception is the Logan which features largely unchanged taillights. The rear bumpers are also revised on all three models.

Moving on to the interior, Renault says it has added new materials, including new fabric or leather door panels, leather steering wheel with anodized chrome accents, and dark roof lining. The seats are also new and feature wider and thicker foams shaped for more comfort and ergonomics.

2020 Renault Stepway

All three models are equipped with the new 7-inch Media Evolution infotainment system that offers Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity, Bluetooth, and reverse camera (depending on the version).

As for the mechanical part, the big news is the addition of a CVT X-Tronic transmission offered as an option on the 115 PS (113 hp) 1.6 SCe naturally aspirated four-cylinder gasoline engine. This unit is offered as standard with a five-speed manual transmission which is the only choice if customers select the base 79 PS (78 hp) 1.0 SCe three-cylinder gasoline engine. Both power plants also run on ethanol and gain 3 horsepower each when doing so.

2020 Renault Logan

Looking at the photo gallery below you might get confused by the fact that all models feature plastic cladding around the wheel arches. No, they are not all Stepway versions, it’s just that the CVT-equipped models get plastic wheel arch covers as standard. Still, the Logan does seem to feature a higher ground clearance than the Dacia version, reminding us of the Russian-market Renault Logan Stepway.

Finally, safety updates include four airbags as standard on all models, as well as Isofix latches for two child seats at the rear. CVT models also get electronic stability control (ESC) and ramp start assist (HSA).

2020 Renault Sandero

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Prices in Brazil start from R$46,990 (approximately $12,500) for the Sandero, R$50,490 ($13,425) for the Logan, and R$61,190 ($16,275) for the Stepway which has become a standalone model as it no longer carries the Sandero name.


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    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      Afro AMerican? He’s British ffs

  • StrangerGP

    Yikes, they all look much worse now.

  • Salih Ahzem

    One of designers must have owned the old Citroen C4 at one point their lives:

  • Ilbirs

    For now there’s the curiosity about why the CVT versions have a raised ground clearance (plus 40 mm) compared to the manual ones. Renault says that when this specific gearbox (the XTronic CVT with 7:3:1 final ratio that in U.S. would be found on entry level Nissans) is put on the engine bay of a Logan/Sandero/Stepway (Renault-Nissan B platform, in an overall spec called M0), it sits too low and the car becomes too prone to be hit by road debris. I suspect that this is just a rotten excuse to use what I call “laziness’ engineering” and use all the development made to the Duster (that in Brazilian spec has a CVT version since the advent of the new 1.6 engine) straight to these models. See that there’s even some cladding on the wheel arches, meaning that maybe the tracks are wider and these plastics were put there for law compliance reasons.
    As people here in my country went a bit far on the SUV fetish, maybe some SUV-ish characteristics on a regular car would appeal, specially considering that the average Brazilian is also becoming a fan of automatic models and it’s becoming harder and harder to find a manual model that isn’t a basic trim one.

  • Dennis James

    They look way uglier than the current versions !

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    The stepway they have stopped the Sandero name on the step way and just called it the Renault step way 👀😑

  • sidewaysspin

    Looks better than the european model.

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