Motorist Gets Just Desserts After Driving Along Highway Shoulder

An impatient motorist filmed on dashcam driving along the shoulder of a highway to skip traffic in Minnesota were introduced to Karma after being pulled over by police.

The video starts off by showing the cammer traveling down the right lane of the highway heading towards an off-ramp. While traffic in the motorway’s onward lanes was moving very slowly, the right lane was actually going forward at a reasonable pace and you’d assume most motorists would be happy to slow down and sit behind the car in front of them. Not this driver.

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At the 10-second mark in the video, a silver sedan comes into view and quickly overtakes the cammer in the service lane. For the next few seconds, it appears as though the driver may have escaped without being seen but shortly afterwards, a Ford Explorer police cruiser can be seen speeding along the shoulder having seen the impatient driver skipping traffic.

The police officer decided against immediately pulling over the offending driver on and instead followed the motorist for a couple of minutes before finding an appropriate place to turn on their flashing lights and give them the fright of their life.

While the motorist who decided to skip traffic didn’t do anything particularly dangerous, we do think they warrant getting some kind of fine. Not only could it deter them from doing this again but perhaps also deter them from other dim-witted driving maneuvers they may feel tempted to do the next time they’re in a rush.


  • alex.remsen

    well done, cops. we want more of this from you

  • ace_9

    Being excited about someone having to pay a ticket for small traffic violation for me only suggests how low someone can sink. It’s pathetic.
    And yes, I think I’m better than most of you.

    • Juan Fernandez

      No. you are not. That kind of “small” driving violation could put people at risk and the driver deserves the ticket. You are just another looser that thinks it’s a good idea to break the law.

      • ace_9

        “Could put people at risk” how exactly? And I didn’t say the ticket was undeserved or that it’s a good idea to break the law. I would just give the ticket also to people that truly enjoy that someone else is getting a ticket. It’s against my moral code. And btw. “loser” is written with only one “o”.

    • Jason Miller

      I was doing 58 in a 50 this morning on a nice quiet road in the middle of the desert, and an Audi passed me doing like 75. If he had been pulled over up the road I would have pointed and laughed. Karma is fun.

      • ace_9

        And from purely moral point of view, do you think you are better than the audi driver? It’s just a projection of bad personality traits on both sides.

        • Jason Miller

          No, it’s called obeying the law. Obviously most people realize there is a “cushion” when it comes to speed limits, hence my 58. But 25 over is just unnecessary.

          • ace_9

            You did not obey the law either 😀 And obeying the law does not mean that someone has a good personality. I’m talking only about the personality. From my point of view, you are also guilty of “judging without evidence”, because you don’t really know what was the reason he went fast or if the 25 was really unnecessary.

    • db

      You sound like a pompous a-s-s. No one likes when other drivers “cheat” in traffic. That why we have laws, so things stay fair for all.
      Check your ego at the door before you meet somebody that will put your face into a door.

      • ace_9

        I see that empty threats are common with people having lower moral standards 🙂 And I personally don’t care if someone is “cheating” in traffic as long as they are not clearly endangering someone else.

        • Knotmyrealname

          On any give day, in any given place, you’ll find traffic at a standstill because of people like YOU who either won’t merge, hold out out in that soon-to-be-ending-lane or flout the law to serve their own means.
          You sound like the sort of driver that does their best to wind everyone else up.
          Karma awaits you too. Sad thing is, you probably still won’t get it.

          • ace_9

            Feels like somebody overtook you on your way to work today so you are venting your frustration on me. 😀

        • db

          Heh pal, before you go on accusing others of lower moral standards and empty threats, I never said it would be me that puts in you your place, not that I wouldn’t but ultimately, somebody will. It sounds inevitable.

          As far as cheating in traffic, the shoulder of a road is for emergencies such as breakdowns, flat tires, health issues etc., not for dangerous passing but I would hope you know that.

          Grow up.

          • ace_9

            Oh yeah, he was racing dangerously through there like a maniac and there were so many emergencies with women changing tires and children waiting in a car being potentially swept by that ignorant madman 😀 You grow up and don’t pretend it was more than a simple cheating and that you cannot take it when someone overtakes you on road, much less, when they violate some rule in the process. The driver could theoretically have a good reason to do that and even if not, laughing at him for getting a ticket simply means that you have a lower moral standards and I don’t have to accuse you of that, because it’s a fact…

  • ctk4949

    I see that crap all the time on the Turnpike in Miami

  • db

    Shortcuts rarely are shorter…

  • Thunderbolt

    cop was just waiting until the driver completely pooped all out before flashing the lights.

  • Paul

    Thank you officer, thank you.

  • ace_9

    You people disgust me… And I know that you are not laughing because of some law violation but simply because someone drove faster than you. It’s really pathetic…

    • europeon

      That is not a simply law violation. Those people are basically robbing the others of their time.

  • Six_Tymes

    finally, a d-bag got what they deserved

  • datCubanguy

    Patience is a virtue.

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