Genesis New York Concept Is A Hybrid Sports Sedan That Eyes BMW’s 3-Series

Featuring similar lines to the G90 and G80, the Genesis New York Concept previews a possible design direction for the production G70 that will take on the BMW 3-Series and other cars in the segment.

However, the South Korean automaker is not keen on revealing its future plans yet and it focuses on the exterior design of its newest study, described using words like “luxurious” and “modern“, wrapped up in the “Athletic Elegance” design direction, previewed on the Vision G Concept.

Finished in a custom Ceramic Blue color, its overall shape is characterized by the long hood, prominent upright grille supported by horizontal headlamps, pronounced front fenders, short front overhangs, longer rear overhangs, low and sleek rear deck and slim elongated taillights.

Genesis states that the New York’s cabin offers an advanced information control unit, with a distinctively curved display, a 21-inch floating, curved screen, made by LG, with a 4K display that incorporates driver instruments and multimedia functions, classic analog driver instruments and open steering wheel design.

The interior has been fully wrapped in leather, with accents of anthracite contrasted by rich tan leather on the doors and seats and sliced suede leather on the headrest. Copper accents and aluminum inlays have been also used inside, while the Human Machine Interface (HMI) concept “sets a new standard for user experience and function control“.

Genesis didn’t have much to say on the study’s hybrid powertrain, except that it uses a 2.0 GDi engine, coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission, for a total system output of 242 HP (245 PS) and 260 lb-ft (353 Nm).

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  • Kash

    “3 series and other cars in the segment.” says it all about your views on the segment…
    If they build this as close to the concept as possible it’d stand out from the rest of the segment. I still get a very Lagonda Taraf vibe from the front and S90 from the back but that’s not a bad thing, it all looks really good.

    • adi

      Do you sit all day behind your computer writing comments to every single article that’s posted here? Is this your work or what?

      • nik

        Why are you being so harsh? Leave them alone! This person is merely expressing their opinion on the vehicle and the information presented from the article. Rather than criticizing others, focus on the actual content itself and hop off everyones d*ck

      • Tumbi Mtika

        You’re new aren’t you. Forgive him, this little boy here is not used to people wanting to show their opinions on SOMETHING THEY LOVE, and thus feels the need to shitpost on people’s comments. I know where you belong…

      • LeftLanePrius

        I think it is because we are all addicted to fine automobile!

    • bd

      That “Taraf vibe” is basically Hyundai’s hexagonal-grille shape and Kia’s headlights.

      • Kash

        I’m not saying it’s not, I’m just saying it’s almost identical to the Lagonda

    • Gustavo Adriano

      Kash, I know that the article is not about a Italian car, but IMO Hyundai got what Alfa Romeo din’t get with the Giulia, so the Korean model is sleek, elegant, and has muscles to fight against 3 Series and the Italian one. If Alfa Romeo designers were about draw a car with these lines, the Giulia project could be very improved than the current model.

      • Kash

        I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. What exactly is it that Hyundai/Genesis get that Alfa didn’t? I’m not saying this isn’t sleek and elegant, I love the look of this car actually I just agree with @marketandchurch, it should be a 4 door coupe based around the G80’s platform to play with the CLS and such not a small sports sedan because the size difference will add just a tad more elegance to the design and give it more room to spread the elements out.

        My comment about the 3 series was a jab at the autojournalism world and how they put the 3 on a pedestal even when it’s fallen from the top. I don’t even consider the Giulia to be apart of this segment right now because FCA has delayed it time and time again and while they can spit numbers left and right it means jack if they can’t put something in a showroom with a price on it.

        • Gustavo Adriano

          IMO Alfa Romeo failed in Giulia style, if you look at this Genesis you could see some Italian elements in it, like the thin headlamps/tailamps, clean side area and the coupe profile, because that I say that if Giulia could be more sleek the Italian designers would wondering somenthing like that…

          • Kash

            Okay. I get what you mean now.

      • Carmaker1

        Guess what Gustavo? You are are on point. A young Italian designer is responsible for this concept and the production G70.

        This was designed at the Hyundai Frankfurt studio last year.

        Mr. Varenna did an excellent job.

        • Gustavo Adriano

          Oh that’s nice mate, thanks a lot to mention that!

  • aaron

    Already looks like it’s going to be ‘Also Ran’

    Exterior is quite disappointing actually.

    • MarkoS

      You are hilarious!

    • Raf

      Are you blind? This design is actually very unique! Bravo Hyundai I’ll definitely be looking into getting one if it looks anything like this.

      • Eddie Williams

        You better believe I am…

      • Bo Hanan

        Agreed! Very good design from all sides. Nice interior too.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      How’s that weed sir?

    • Mike

      Your comments are “Also Ran” before you even post them. Doesn’t stop your from posting them though does it?

  • MarkoS

    Absolutely stunning! If Genesis can pull this off close in production form watch out everybody! If it can pull out some sporting driving dynamics as well, guess who has arrived folks. WOW! And oh gee, just imagine the coupe version! Who the heck is this designer?

    • MarkoS

      Skip the Hybrid and give me a Twin Turbo V6.

    • qqqqq

      Seems, Luc Donkerwolke is the designer, former Bently designer.

      • Carmaker1

        No, you are incorrect. Luc Donckerwolke has NO single ounce of involvement in any of the latest Hyundai products.

        I wish people would not just jump to conclusions over a simple press release or poorly written articles.

        Design takes very long to execute, finalise, and present. It is very simplistic to think that someone who barely joined Hyundai a few months ago, barely has any effect.

        Peter Schreyer joined Hyundai in January 2013, barely put out his first concept vehicle in March 2014, and the first production model designed under him in January 2016.

        The man who designed this, was 26-year old Davide Varenna Hyundai Design Centre Deutschland.

    • Carmaker1

      Davide Varenna of Hyundai Design.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I say they should use this design on an A7 / Panamera / CLS competitor. I mean… think about it, at a 70k and up price-point, they can afford to bring this car out almost as is(instead of watering it down), and the extra length would really give the design room to breathe and stretch out. This is also the best blend of German and French design, and if those French carmakers continue to boycott America, this may be our best chance at getting french design on our shores.

  • nik

    I was so skeptical based off the initial image released a few days back, but this is sooooOOooo nice! The rear end is so well done as well. Keep it up Genesis!

  • Zandit75

    That’s gorgeous!!

  • Big Black Duck


  • Tinky-Winky

    I hope Kia makes a more affordable version based on Novo concept and brings it to Europe too, preferably as estate.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I love this. It’s different and sexy at the same time.

  • SHARP.

  • no25

    The shape is so classic looking; I love it! Not sure how I feel about the weird bump in the side window but that probably won’t see production. The grille could also be toned down a bit for a sports sedan.

  • d’Aforde

    Hyundai/Genesis will sell tons of these based on looks alone. If it drives well, BMW and others will need to go back to the drawing board. Note to Lincoln and Acura, this is how you build a luxury car when you are serious about challenging the establishment.

    • Jesse A. C. Majors


  • Enter Ranting

    The overall shape and proportions are great. Some of the details need to be toned down, and the grille needs to be resolved. The interior is ridiculous. I would love to see this challenge the establishment.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m not nuts about that kink in the window line containing the door handle. Otherwise, it’s nice. Not amazing but nice.

  • proportions are good… surprising for a Hyundai

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Yep sign me up I want one!

  • Javokhir_Sam

    Let me tell you the story of that car_______________________________________________
    Meeting in Hyundai HQ:
    Manager: we need a new concept that should scream our future. Any thoughts?
    Designers: Alright.
    Manager: Ok, give you 24 hours, go and finish design proposal

    Designer1: Hey, guys let’s copy and paste front end from Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf
    Designer2: Nope, someone could notice it
    Designer1: Wrong. Nobody could. Because Lagonda is very limited run and is mostly sold in Dubai.
    Designer2: Alright, then. But let’s slightly tweak the bumper and detach the headlights from grille.
    Designer1: Excellent. How about rear and side of the car?
    Designer2: I cannot come up with an unique idea, as usual. Hey, did you see the latest BMW Vision Future Luxury concept? We need to copy from that.
    Designer3: Yeah, that is perfect. But I think we need to slightly accentuate the side fenders a bit more and leave the rest as it is.
    Designer1: Yeah, but don’t accentuate that side fender, it is already done in BMW’s Gran Lusso concept by Pininfarina. Just copy that.
    Designer3: How ab name?
    Designer2: Let’s copy the name of auto show and add concept term and that is it.

    24 Hours later
    Manager: Let’s see what you got
    Designers: Here it is
    Manager: OHHH MY GOOOD! I have never seen a design quite like that. Competitors will go mad. But did not you copy anything?
    Designers: No, nothing. This car is absolutely unique
    Manager: Did you come up with the name as well?
    Designers: Yeah and it is work of a genius: “Genesis New York Concept”
    Manager: Holy Mother Of God! I love you guys. From now on your salaries doubled

  • fabri99

    Hyundai please explain.

  • Carmaker1

    Very interesting and rather orignal design. Everyone should know the guy responsible for this was a young designer named Davide Varenna of Italian origin, who is based out Hyundai Design Centre Frankfurt.

    I believe he worked on Hyundai’s RK sedan, which will be called the Genesis G70 and is an exterior designer for production vehicles.

  • AstonMartin

    This is a gorgeous concept from Genesis. The company has assembled a new dream team for design and executive management comprised of executives that have spent time at legacy luxury brands. Those same respected brands should take the existence of Genesis as a true threat as the designs and accouterments will be competitive. European brands have actively been creating products to meet entry level luxury buyers – Genesis will win that battle within that segment if they can effectively bring similar vehicles to the marketplace and create an advertising stir. I’ve seen the Genesis Concept Coupe in person – absolutely stunning vehicle. Definitely a company on the rise and its still very early for them. Lexus in particular should take note – this is how you do unique and striking designs.