Toyota Corolla Is World’s Best-Selling Car In 2016, Followed By VW’s Golf And Ford’s F-150

Volkswagen may have stolen Toyota’s crown in selling the most vehicles from January to June, but the Japanese brand still has an ace up its sleeve – the Corolla.

After it compiled numbers for over 2,700 models sold in over 140 countries, Focus2Move reports that the Japanese compact car tops first place with consumers from all over the globe, with 634,298 units delivered in the first six months of the year, down 1.2 percent from the previous period.

The second place finds the Volkswagen Golf, with 500,630 sales, a 1.8 percent increase, which may  or may not be blamed on the cheating emissions scandal that shook the automaker, while the bronze medal goes to the Ford F-Series, with 478,394 deliveries, up 12.6 percent. The Blue Oval secured the fourth place too, with its Focus compact delivering  367,479 units, down 16.4 percent, followed closely by the Hyundai Elantra, with 363,490 deliveries.

The biggest move the chart has seen this year belongs to the latest Hyundai Tucson, which climbed 949 spots to the 16th place with its 285,060 sales, a massive 202.4 percent increase in popularity, compared to 94,267 units chosen by customers in the first half of 2015.

The GAC Trumpchi GS4, an SUV that you’ve probably never heard of, unless you travel to China regularly, witnessed an 809.4 percent increase, from 16,581 sales in the first six months last year, to 150,795, while at the other end, the Chevrolet Cruze saw a 21.4 percent plunge, from 287,767 to 226,157 units.


  • no25

    Wow that Corolla is so much better looking than the States’ updated one :/ Why can’t Toyota just keep all their models in sync worldwide? Even the overseas Camry looks better.

    • nameplate

      Sync..?? Because global sales will not be that high, and Toyota wants to boast the Corolla is the worlds best selling nameplate (which in turn is good for sales), when in fact it is a group of different looking cars depending on the market.

      For example the Aussie Toyota Corolla is the American Scion iM which is also the European Toyota Auris.

      • Nkanyamba

        Because Toyota has been slapping a Corolla badge on a variety of body shapes and styles over the years (hatch, sedan, wagon, panel-van, lift-back, coupe, MPV) so if you slap a badge on so many lines and shapes, you’re bound to be able to shout ‘best seller’ sooner or later after decades of peddling all those model variants….

        And of course because the average (very average) Toyota buyer still thinks that ‘Best-selling’ somehow means Best-in-Class. If you believe that theory, then Mc Donalds makes the best burgers in the world, Mariah Carey must therefore be the best singer in the world and the Mercedes S-Class must be the worst car in the world because it doesn’t feature in the Top 3 in terms of global sales.

  • Craig

    I can’t seem to find the Acura RLX on that list. Hmm……

  • getoffme

    Bring this design to the U.S. Hello Toyota?