Honda NSX Vs BMW i8 In Battle Of The New-Age Hybrid Supercars

Not that long ago, the term “hybrid” was associated with eco-friendly but far from exciting to drive cars like the Toyota Prius, so petrolheads merely sniggered at it.

Things couldn’t be more different today, what with hybrid technology being used in the Holy Trinity of hypercars – and these anything but boring now, are they?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get access to hybrid driving thrills, though, as there are currently two hybrid supercars that are priced way lower, in the vicinity of $150k in the US to be more precise.

BMW’s i8 is the older of the two, being on the market for the past three years, and yet it still looks as if it’s a concept that, somehow, made its way to the road. No surprise with that sculpted design that maximizes airflow, plus the impressive butterfly doors. Honda, on the other hand, has been mulling over building a successor to the iconic NSX for many years, but the finished item justifies its efforts.

Now, these two both employ a mid-engined, turbocharged petrol unit that works in conjunction with electric motors and they are both all-wheel drive. The NSX, though, has double the number of cylinders, more than double the capacity and its 573 HP output makes the i8’s 362 HP look puny in comparison.

All of which, naturally, makes comparing the two on a track all that more interesting, so click to find out how those two fared against each other.


  • Six_Tymes

    I really enjoy his reviews, i just wish his editor or whoever handles post would normalize the audio through the entire video. For example the commentary audio taken from inside the car is a bit difficult to hear.

  • Kash

    The i8 uses fake engine noises, let’s get that straight right off the bat, so while it sounds good inside it doesn’t make much noise outside. The NSX has the cleaner design and is more of an actual sports car/entry level supercar than the i8. It’ll draw just as much attention as the i8 without having awkward opening doors or tacky blue accents that can only be optioned off if you select 1 of 2 exterior colors. The NSX also has more modern looking lights and will hold it’s value better at the end of the day, which is already evident.

    I’ve also never seen the i8 as an actual sports car, it’s more of a hybrid coupe (like the LC500h) that utilizes an electric motor to seemingly put down a lot of power while not actually having a lot of it. It’s a car for someone who wants to feel like they have a high performance car without really having to worry about losing control of it and slamming it into a tree one day. The NSX actually has the power to play with the Ferrari’s and Lambo’s and Porsche’s. The i8 needs to be reviewed against the LC500h once it comes out, maybe even the 570GT, where the NSX needs to be put against the 570S and 488. Both might be hybrids, but they’re far from being in the same category.

    Neither of these cars are supercars either by today’s standards, they’re a sportscar and grand touring coupe. I feel like the supercar title is thrown around way too easily, especially on cars that don’t deserve it

  • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

    If the NSX wasn’t so much of an Imitation R8 I would give it more props. Plus those tacky “faux jewel” rope head lights on the NSX look tacky enough to have come straight out of an Autozone auto parts store.

    Don’t get me wrong though not even close to a super car the NSX is a pretty decent sports car especially for the money given it’s hybrid technology.

    At the end of the day the I8 is clearly the better choice, it’s original and though not as powerful (stock) it’s much better engineered and tastefully done in it’s design with the super cool scissor doors that gives it that Lambo/McLaren flare plus hey it’s a BMW and with a proper tune it will just walk away from an NSX.

    BMW is currently working on the next generation I8 which will she’ll out north of 600hp I can’t wait to see it and hopefully maybe even own one.

    • Juan Dominguez

      The NSX IS a supercar. To discuss about it is like saying that a coupe isn’t a two door car.

      You can compare whatever you want except for the engeneering. The NSX is one of the most technologically advanced sports cars on the market.

      Well, I think it’s useless to say that the tuning stuff has nothing to do here.

      To conclude, power is essential in a sports car. If not the engine (which is obvious), what makes the i8 a supercar while it doesn’t in the NSX? Why to tune it up if it’s so perfect?

      PS: Don’t waste your money.

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