Take A Liberty Walk Around The Aventador, Mustang, M4 And GT-R

One of the most famous Japanese car tuners, Liberty Walk, has brought some of its latest projects to the Geneva Motor Show, for the European audience to see.

Their work includes flashy bodykits, adapted in this case for four specific vehicles: the Lamborghini Aventador, Nissan GT-R, BMW M4 Cabrio and Ford Mustang.

Presented earlier this year, the tuned Lamborghini Aventador is perhaps the most noticeable of the four. It sports various visual updates that make it look very aggressive, almost track car-like aggressive, which round up to a nice $55,520 if made from FRP, or $59,400 in CFRP, for markets outside Japan.

Things can get even more expensive when throwing in the headlight eyeline, concave wheels and air suspension.

Liberty Walk’s Ford Mustang goes back to last fall. That’s when the first images emerged online, but the American muscle car, which came to Europe with a Japanese passport, is in Geneva too, although with a grey color instead of the original red.

Elsewhere, except for a few nips and tucks, which include the addition of the 5.0 badges on the wings, and the Pony long on the grille, it appears to be untouched. Making your Mustang look like this will set you back for almost $15,000, with the body kit and air suspension.

Nissan GT-Rs have a long tradition with the Japanese tuner, and to highlight it, they have a Godzilla of their very own in Switzerland. Ignore the light blue shade applied to its exterior and focus on the bare carbon parts, gigantic rear wing and the ever-present bolt-on fenders, in addition to the air suspension and large wheels.

The Liberty Walk BMW M4 Cabriolet is the one that we know least about. Still, being aware of how the company rolls, it probably remains stock in the engine bay, so apart from the carbon fiber updates, wide fenders, decals, wheels and suspension, there’s not much else going on with it.

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  • Adilos Nave

    Still trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. These things are atrocious. The Aventador could almost pass as acceptable since it’s an outrageous design to begin with but the exposed screws for attaching the fender flares looks so PepBoys-ish.

  • Mill0048

    I’m so torn with this tuning house. On one hand, at least they are tailoring the wide-body kits to the lines of the cars, but on the other, they just keep pushing the same button: wide-body and bag it with expensive wheels. Yes, there some artistry there, but it’s getting stale.

    • donald seymour

      Yeah, I completely agree with you. Liberty Walk has ran it’s course.

    • Chad L

      Looks cartoonish and they’re an insult to the engineers and designers.

    • I totally agree, after a while the shock value has gone, but the one that they did with Miura replica is nice. I kinda like it.

      • Mill0048

        Yeah, they definitely have done some nice kits. The LB Miura is nice if a little too low.

        • I think because the base car, GT40 has a very low ground clearance.

  • Six_Tymes

    just a few years ago everyone online and here loved liberty walk. now people trash them, that is weird.

    • alexxx

      People are weird…. especially here😎

    • Chad L

      Because fashion trends come and go.

      • alexxx

        It’s something inhuman natuee,always to seek for something new(er)

  • Eagle By Singer

    Burn them all


    I used to like their work now I’m bored with them. I guess it’s because I’ve seen enough to know what to expect.

  • Chad L

    Just…. no.

  • SteersUright

    These are hideous! Talk about amateurish, why not tone it down a bit and make the wider fenders look factory original rather than tacked on?

  • The blue GT-R and the Mustang were UK based, I remember Liberty Walk distributors in UK use those two as demo cars.

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