BAIC EC Is Now The World’s Best-Selling Electric Car

The Nissan Leaf has just lost its sales crown to the BAIC EV, as the Chinese car has become the best-selling EV in the first two months of the year.

According to data from Jato Dynamics, the BAIC EC was chosen by 15,132 people, which represents an increase of 329 percent. In the same period, the Nissan Leaf’s sales jumped by 34 percent, but it wasn’t enough to help it secure the first place. Meanwhile, the all-new JAC IEV 5 completed the podium, with 6,118 units shipped.

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Missing out on the bronze medal by 1,717 units was the Renault Zoe. However, the French electric supermini did manage to beat the larger and more expensive Tesla Model S, whose sales dropped by 40 percent to 4,156 units.

The sixth position brings yet another Chinese automaker forward, Chery in this case, which sold 4,149 units of the EQ1, followed shortly by the Volkswagen e-Golf, with 4,091 units delivered, a 243 percent increase.

Image credits Jato Dynamics

Tesla managed to sell only 4,047 units of the Model 3 in January and February 2018, whereas the Hyundai Ioniq EV was favored by 3,801 customers, up 227 percent.

Finally, the chart is rounded off by yet another Tesla vehicle, the Model X electric crossover, whose sales dropped by 25 percent, to 3,674 units.


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  • Howstar

    What? I don’t even know who the CEO is, how is this possible..

    • Dr Strangefingger

      I know, right??!! Time for that guy to openly criticize his buyers and the media!!! What’s he waiting for???

  • From the picture, it doesn’t look appealing and you can see the quality of the interior there.

    • Dennis James

      If it can take you safely and cheaply from A to B, sometimes it is all that you need.

  • Toronado_II

    Where is the Bolt ?

  • Leconte Dave

    Front remind me of a Toyota


    Wrong. The Model 3 is the best selling EV in the world. A Tesla fan[boy] told me so.

    • Dr Strangefingger

      I’ve heard from many a’Tesla-fanfolk that the Model 3 has already SOLD/MOVED 400,000+ units.

      • LWOAP

        They seem to confuse reservation slots for a Model 3 with its production numbers.

        • Dr Strangefingger

          Absolutely they are.

  • Mill0048

    Honest question: Why does an EV need a separate lead acid battery in the engine bay, when it has a whole bank of batteries for energy storage?

    • Dev Sen

      Good question. It could be used for cooling the Li-ion stack before it starts discharging or running auxiliary systems which are based on 12V vehicle architecture.

  • Smith

    What do you mean. It is not a rip off of a Toyota RAV4. Oh wait a minute, yes it is. Those scum Chinese, they have no imagination and not respect. Disgusting.

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