Subaru Outback Is No Match For Old Chevy Suburban In The Worst Way Possible

The driver of the white Subaru Outback realized what they’ve done just a split second before that old Chevrolet Suburban plowed into them, causing the Japanese crossover to roll over.

Also no, the Suburban didn’t run a red light. If you squint really hard at the lights on the far-right, you can see the moment in which they change from green to yellow, and that’s when the Chevy pops into view. All the Subaru driver had to do was wait a little longer and this crash wouldn’t have happened.

What we’d like to know is whether or not the driver of the Outback actually saw the incoming vehicle, because visibility seems great and looking to your right in that intersection seems obvious. So how come they didn’t just let the Chevy go by before turning?

It’s possible they were either doing something else instead of paying attention – but since the description of the video doesn’t provide us with any information on the matter, all we can do is speculate.

As for the nature of the impact, it’s safe to say that the guy in the Suburban didn’t expect the Subaru driver to turn right in front of him, which is why it took a while for the big Chevy to come to a halt. All that momentum was sufficient so as to flip the Outback onto its roof, hopefully with no injuries to its occupants.


  • kachuks

    I like how nobody got out of their car to check on the rollover driver. Not even the peace officer who arrived on scene.

    Anybody recognize the license plates… so I know to never visit wherever the hell this state is.

    • Pissed Canuck


      • Six_Tymes

        they are now too busy smokin weed, cant be bothered helping others

        • Andrewthecarguy

          Maybe you joke but I think there is truth in that…

          • kachuks

            Lets legalize weed in the state with the highest altitude.

    • Chad L

      Nobody cares anymore. Too many st u p I d people.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Right?! Over 30 seconds and nothing. They were literally a few feet a way…gas thank could have been compromised and a fire could have started. Would have only taken a few seconds to come out of their vehicles and help.

  • Craig

    Very likely the old Suburban would have rolled too if hit like that by the Subaru.

    • Six_Tymes

      very doubtful

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Depends on what hits it =)

    • tkindred


    • brn

      Hard to know, but you’re correct in that one was in a position of stability and the other wasn’t.

  • Voice_ofReason

    Judging by the shadows, it seems the Subaru driver was staring into the sun. That could be why he didn’t see the Suburban in time.

    • Bash

      Now do we have a detective here?

  • Anthony Lawrence

    How about instead of taking the time to honk they should have worked on stopping the vehicle or avoiding the collision.

  • cooper

    POS Chevy went through a red light.

    • brn

      The article states otherwise.

  • Christian

    That is a mERUICA CAR right there! Not some chinese knock up….

  • Shobin Drogan

    US traffic light intersections are kinda weird, you guys get a green light even when there are traffic at the oncoming lanes.

  • BMG1

    The ‘old saying here…Size does matter !

  • Paul

    This is why it’s always best, if you’re part way into the intersection waiting to finish your turn, that you wait until all traffic clears out before you go. It seems there is always that Jack A** out there that has to beat the light or be the last one through.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Managed to stop my Outback in time for a Chevy SUV to start a turn as I entered an intersection on a yellow light. Credit two-footed driving for good reaction time.

  • sidewaysspin

    Japanese cars are light, efficient, but may lose in these situations.

  • Louis Arpino

    The biggest failure is human. Notice that nobody is in any hurry to help!!!!!

    • Bo Hanan

      How pathetic we humans are.

  • Shawn_S

    Was a 2500 Suburban as well, looked in great shape before the crash. Real shame as it will probably be totaled due to low value and parts availability.

  • Silverhead

    Wow. I guess I’ll never visit Colorado (that’s where it seems this happened looking at the license plates). Way to go a-holes and help your fellow human beings. I guess whatever you had going on or to get to was more important than whether or not someone was injured or killed.

    • Pavel B.

      People don’t give a shit. This is the world we live in. They rather take out their phones and record someone bleeding out to death than lift a finger.

  • Knotmyrealname

    The Chevy didn’t even seem to try to avoid the collision?

  • JW

    Funny how the old lady in the white van wasn’t going to be inconvenienced by the whole thing.

  • Shobin Drogan

    What is it that you disagree? Dont just leave me hanging here lmao

  • Galvanics

    The outback driver probably saw sun glare. Look at the shadows on the ground. He was driving into the sun. Honestly, that mid sized car did quite well in taking the impact given how big the Chevy is. You can see the Chevy driver hit the brakes before impact, BTW. His nose dips before impact. Sad nobody got out to check on the Subie driver but the Chevy driver…

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