Porsche 911 GT3 Driver Shows Super Reflexes, Avoids Crash With Runaway Truck

Even though we’re not 100% certain the semi would have collided with the GT3 had the latter not gotten out of the way in time, in the end this is still a “better safe than sorry” type of situation. Besides, even if the car had just been clipped, it still would have probably resulted in major damage.

The incident took place in upstate New York and our first thought was that the semi truck was having brake issues. Well, that or the driver wasn’t paying attention and was forced to mount the shoulder in order to not plow into stationary traffic.

Either of the two possibilities make sense and regardless of what the main issue was, the result is the same – the semi ended up on the side of the road, blasting past cars at high speed.

As for the driver of the Porsche, before spotting the semi, they pulled a little bit to the left in order to probably see just how big of a queue this was. That’s when they must have noticed the semi through the corner of their eye and proceeded to steer clear. It’s quite possible that many other drivers wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to check their side mirror in that specific situation – then again, if we owned a Porsche 911 GT3, we’d be extra careful with it too.

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In the end, we hope that nobody was injured and that the semi driver managed to bring the rig to a halt safely. All we know is that it did indeed stop somewhere underneath that bridge, hopefully without clipping anyone else along the way, or crashing into anything parked by the side of the road.


  • Jay

    Now that’s some proper mirror usage folks! I don’t know for sure but I bet an autonomous system wouldn’t have moved out of the way.

    • Sébastien

      Agree with the first part, not on the later part 🙂

    • Bash

      I agree on the both parts.

    • Paul

      Agree to that.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Ooh! Dat’s noice.
    Porsche self preservation intensifies.

  • ace_9

    What’s so special about that? He intentionally went very far to the left probably to see how big the traffic jam is and then he also naturally looked in the rear-view mirror and had a big luck of seeing the approaching truck, so he had enough time to move. Anyone who does not look into the rear-view mirror after sticking out from the lane should either learn to do it or not drive… It does not take any super reflexes…

    • Some ol’ bloke

      Could you have done that?

      • ace_9

        Well, I would not write what I did if I wouldn’t think so 🙂

    • robotlogic

      Agreed, no big deal. And if you notice it looks like the truck may not of hit him had he not moved.

      • ace_9

        Yeah, it’s just making a too big deal out of it. Sure, the truck was dangerous and maybe even deserving hyped-up video. But the Porsche driver was no super human and I hope most other drivers would do the same in his position. And if not, as I already mentioned, they should learn to pay attention.

  • Matthijs

    Trucks should be on the right side anyway. Never understood that keep your lane thing in North-America. Drove on the highway to Toronto and they was no flow whatsoever. People who are quicker keep getting stuck cause the slow person in front won’t change lanes. Odd concept

  • Paul

    That Porsche driver is to be commended for that. It’s also amazing that the truck avoided everybody else too.

  • jason wu

    If you drive like a normal person who pays attention to the surroundings, you can certainly do that. Unfortunately, some people just pull out a phone when traffics is still.

  • Ali

    Chuck Noris !!

  • Howfarr

    Sad that simple situational awareness is news worthy these days

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