Demon Owner Gets In Argument With Official As His Car Burns In Drag Strip

A YouTuber has filmed the bizarre moment a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon started to burn at a drag strip in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The series of events starts as the owner of the Demon performs a burnout in the muscle car to get it prepared for a run down the quarter mile. Out of nowhere, a loud bang can be heard emanating from the car’s powertrain and instantly, flames can be seen spewing out from underneath.

One of the marshals at the track grabs a fire extinguisher and starts to spray the engine bay. The marshal quickly becomes agitated, however, as the driver fails to turn the car off and before long, the two start arguing with one another as it still burns. The argument gets so heated that the marshal grabs the fire extinguisher and actually walks away.

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Eventually, the marshal tells the Demon owner to pop the hood. He obliges and, while talking to bystanders, can be heard stating that the car wouldn’t turn off, hence why he didn’t shut it off immediately. After several minutes, a small water truck arrives on the scene and track marshals are able to put out the blaze.

Making the incident all the more strange is that, at one point, it seems as though the Demon
owner tells marshals to just let the car burn and, throughout the video, he never appears particularly concerned about seeing flames spewing out of the engine bay.


  • Marc Gruben

    The car was mad because the owner didn’t take the shipping guard off the spoiler .It’s not wise to piss off a Demon.

  • Six_Tymes

    People that buy these cars and do excessive burnouts in my opinion don’t deserves them. notice I said excessive, I am well aware the reason for short burnouts to heat the tires before a race. The tires are expensive, let alone the air pollution.

    • Stephen G

      What’s it to you?

    • Harry_Wild

      These over the top muscle cars are only good for doing stuff like burnouts, 360s and drag racing. Modified muscle cars can go to the track but usually overheat! Theses cars want to sound loud with the loud rumble during acceleration. Total worthless cars for driving in the rain, snow and icy conditions. Not a good daily driver!

      • Porkopolis

        Of course they’re not a good daily driver, but they’re still loads of fun. I always favored small, lightweight tossable cars, and generally looked down on muscle cars. Then I drove a muscle car and realized all the fun there is being a buffoon with the thing…

    • Bige Lee

      You think the target demographic cares?

  • Nick

    The strip is near Ann Arbor, Michigan but it must actually be Milan, Michigan because they have Milan Dragway and there is no drag strip in Ann Arbor, there are bike lanes.

    • Porkopolis

      True – All those Ann Arbor bizzaroworld professors don’t take to kindly to Hellcats and Demons. They get nervous about anything more aggressive than a Nissan Leaf and wouldn’t imagine anything as noisy as a race track of any sort…

  • Ben

    Stupid owner needs to watch his mouth. People get so entitled and think they can talk to anyone anyway they want. Speaking of which, get ready for the Tesla fans and European fans to comment on the Demon being a “turd”. No car is invincible to the amount of stupidity I saw in that video.

    • Netsphere

      still a turd lol, sorry couldn’t resist after seeing your comment

    • Nick Hebert

      Actually , the track guy is the one who let his mouth go off first. Go read the full story.

      • Ben

        When a track authority tells you what to do on the private property you are currently racing at, there is no such thing as mouthing off. They are giving commands that you need to follow. Its the track ownership that had to jump through a thousand hoops in order to create the opportunity for you to race there. Its the track authority that spends money to maintain the track.

        Its like going to your friend’s home, spilling soda on his home theater and it catches flame. He ask you multiple times to kill the power via the wall switch, but you get offended because he yelled the command at you. Your friend was looking out for his own property and the safety of the people in the home. No different than what that track official was doing.

        • Nick Hebert

          A thousand hoops? Oh please. This is a track. It’s already a known it’s going to get messed up.. that’s what these people are there for lol. This dudes losing his limited edition 100k car and you want to compare it to spilling soda on someones home theater lmao seriously? That poor track must be suffering soooo much. Track authority had no right to talk in a disrespectful manner to him – doesn’t matter if it’s private property, that’s an irrelevant scapegoat – like seriously who cares? And even if the guy retorted to him it shouldn’t matter – the track guy had a job to do and he failed to do it because he let his own emotions make the decision because of EGO. With insurance for the track, this track could also be facing a huge fine or lawsuit.

          • Ben

            First, he does have a right to be “disrespectful”. Its free speech and private property. In a court of law, its not irrelevant that the driver is on private property and was asked to comply to track authority demands via the contract that driver sign in order to race. By your standard, can you go into any business and do whatever you want regardless of the owner’s consent?

            Second, the track authority is not a fire fighter. If someone is actively prolonging a life/property threatening emergency, he’s not obligated to dive neck first into the fire. He’s also not required to be a doctor in someone crashes either.

            Lastly, nobody cares about “dudes losing his limited edition 100k car”. He brought it on the track knowing something like this could have happened, even stating so in the contract. Don’t bring limited edition vehicles to a race track if you’re scared of the possibility of danger. Keep it in a garage.

          • Nick Hebert

            This isn’t about free speech in case you took me literally. His disrespect and inability to act in a professional manner will be the loss of business to that track plain and simple. Also he wasn’t unable to turn the car off, a consideration that wasn’t even given when the track authority was too busy instantly mis-treating him and not able to give that consideration. Also, where did you come to the conclusion he needed to “dive neck first” into a fire? He’s not a fire-fighter but he he has fire-fighting capabilities and didn’t use them – diversion tactics? He clearly stormed away from the car and watched it burn. The video as well as the follow up video from MotorTube makes all of this obvious.

          • Ben

            Nick, you seem like a level headed guy and obviously like cars. I feel a certain way and you feel another. We can keep this back and forth going on about a car that doesn’t even belong to us or we can agree to disagree. I grew up in a military house hold. The rule was listen to what I say, not how I say it.

            If the car doesn’t turn off, inform the authority. Just because someone shouts at you, don’t get your feelings hurt, argue and tell them to let it burn when you have not insurance coverage. Also, a fire extinguisher has little effect when a vehicle is still pumping highly flammable fluid under high pressure. A static fire is easily taken care off, not an active fire that is steadily consuming more fuel.

            I did watch the video from MotorTube and he parroted many of the points you made(or vice versa). My opinion still stands, if you’re are completely dependent on someone to help you, follow commands and clearly communicate when you are unable to do so. If not, bring your own fire extinguisher.

        • yomama

          Read the story details. The driver obviously couldn’t get it to turn off. It’s not like he wanted his car to burn to a crisp. He just basically gave up at the end because the guy kept yelling at him.

          • Ben

            I read the details, as reported by the owner’s daughter. In the video, he did say “let it burn” multiple times. Obviously, I think he was just emotional, but he should have had his own fire extinguisher in the vehicle. I know certain circuits require it, but its always better to have it and not need it than to need and not have it.

  • iggination

    Cameraman and driver are both retarded. When on the track, always listen to the track officials. If you don’t want to listen, run your own track.

  • XtremWize

    The driver should have been arrested for disobedience and causing unnecessary explosion danger.

    • yomama


  • Bobby Lee

    “Couldn’t turn the fire off.” #orgyofignorance

  • Harry_Wild

    Demon = fire!

  • Wandering_Spirit

    To be fair, the driver does not seem too smart.

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