BMW 8-Series Concept Looks Even Better Under The Italian Sun [32 Pics]

BMW stunned everyone with the reveal of the new 8-Series Concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Not because people weren’t expecting a new 8-Series but because this design study looks pretty good. If anything, it makes people more impatient to see the final production version, which by the way will include a fully-fledged M8 version.

BMW gave the 8-Series Concept an athletic, muscular bodywork that works really well with the brand’s trademark kidney grille. The sculpted sides compliment perfectly the low roofline and the tasty rear end with the beautifully integrated wing.

Even the large air intakes/exits don’t look out of place, balancing the car’s sporty and luxurious character. “The number 8 has always represented the pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW,” said Harald Krüger, BMW’s Chairman of the Board.

“The forthcoming BMW 8 Series Coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment. In the process, we will strengthen our claim to leadership in the luxury class.”

Both the standard 8-Series model and the M8 are being developed simultaneously, with BMW also planning a GTE race car which will debut in the Daytona 24 Hours in late January 2018. BMW plans to reveal the production 8-Series in 2018.


  • AvarageCarGuy

    Elegant and Gorgeous.
    I never thought I will ever praise a BMW twice, first praise went to the Gran Coupe concept.

    God I love my Camry…

    • TheBelltower

      “God I love my Camry”

      Assuming that’s a joke. Yes?

      • AvarageCarGuy

        Hah hah ha… You picked up my joke alright.

  • TheHake

    This is a damn good looking car, but they should have called it a 6-series, not an 8 series.

    • John

      IKR ?!

      • TheHake

        Uhm… huh?

    • Cobrajet

      Yes, then 8 series could be used for a coupe version of the 7 series.

      • TheHake

        To compete with the S-klasse coupé.

  • ErnieB

    Best looking BMW

    • John

      6 series has always been best looking..

  • Bo Hanan

    Aside from the side view mirrors (should be larger) I don’t see anything that shouldn’t make
    it to production. P.S. that shark nose doesn’t look like it would survive a 5MPH bump.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Headlights will be bigger, taillights won’t be as complex, it’ll need door handles, and bumpers. You’re also right about the nose, it will need to be flattened somewhat and that’s kind of a shame.

  • GobbleUp

    Finally a good looking BMW, been a decade. But it will weigh 4,500lbs and lack emotion like them all.

    Hope they hire a new boss.

  • roy

    It was about time that a beautiful bmw made a debut

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      It’s a concept and we know how BMW is with concepts.

      • roy

        Yes but I guess bmw will come through this time

  • dumblikeyou2

    Eh, looks as generic as every other luxury brand now. No biggie.

  • TheBelltower

    This thing is gorgeous. Looks very Aston Martin-ish. Hopefully the engineers have access to some of the technology within the i-division to help keep the weight down.

  • OdysseyTag

    Best looking concept (and hopefully production car) in 2017 for me so far. Every time I see this thing, I fall in love with it again and again. That’s a face I wouldn’t mind seeing integrated into future models.

  • ErnieB

    Here are my critiques which are not bad but just saying that it’s not an original design.. this car’s exterior is almost a copy of the Bentley coupe exp 10.. the interior is very Aston Martin and that shift knob looks like the Volvo.. all in all if I had the money and the production car stayed true to this I’d buy it!! Still an amazing looking car..

  • Aquaflex

    They gonna sell a bunch of these beauties!

  • pcurve

    Beautiful, but looks like BMW got a bit jealous of the Volvo concept coupe.

    i love the design, but other than the grille, there is no BMW design language inside and out.

  • fabri99

    It really looks good. Extremely good, almost flawless.


  • izzey04

    looks a lot better now…

  • ejd1984
  • Wayne

    Sign me up for one. By the time it comes out I will be ready for one!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Liam Paul

    one sleek looking car. If I was rich, this would be on my list of wants

  • SteersUright

    Generic, derivative, sleek and pretty, and Im already bored of it.

  • Imjus Sayin

    So…how long before we see a replica body kit on a current Mustang being sold on ebay? From China or Eastern Europe?

  • Karl

    Absolutely stunning indeed! Could it be that BMW styling is finally starting to find its grove again?

  • Harry_Wild

    The greenhouse is even smaller then the Chevrolet Camaro sides! Wow! Way to go BMW! LOL!

  • Enter Ranting

    I see we’re still not over the giant jowl grilles. They’re just so exciting!

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