Train Smashes Into Car At North Carolina Rail Crossing

A woman managed to exit her car in time after getting stuck between two closed barriers in High Point, North Carolina.

The woman, who was later charged with a railroad crossing violation, turned herself in after initially being investigated as a hit-and-run suspect. According to the NY Daily News, she didn’t stick around for the police to show up after the accident.

As for what happened, it appears that she chose to follow another car as the barriers were coming down, yet hesitated at precisely the wrong moment.

“We certainly understand the driver getting out of the vehicle and moving to safety and we are glad they were able to do so,” stated Traffic Officer A. Goins. “But anytime you are involved in an accident, it’s always best to remain at the scene and speak with officers.”

The state of North Carolina requires that drivers stay at the scene of an accident involving property damage exceeding $1,000, or that they at least notify authorities in a timely manner.

Based on the description of the video, the driver of the dashcam car witnessed another train passing by initially, after which the barriers came up. However, as several cars began to move, “the gates came back down,” said the witness.

“Two of us were caught in between. A young lady’s car stalled on the tracks. I yelled for her to run, and the train hit her car.”


  • Garlic

    Poor idiot woman. The white truck driver is an idiot too…

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Neither of these people are idiots. The bars went up, they were in their rights to go…the gates obviously malfunctioned and closed them in…It would be funny to see how you looked as you got out and ran with shi*t stained drawers.

      • salamOOn

        rights to go? and what about Fcking flashing lights?

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Did you NOT see the gate go up?…in fact long enough for a few cars to go through before it went back down while they were between them.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Sorry, agree with Garlic. The lights were still flashing as they all advanced through the crossing. Her insurance won’t pay up for that. Sorry.
        Watching this reminds me of the impatience of air travelers unbuckling their seat belts and standing up in the plane before it’s even stopped to mate with the terminal airbridge. Then they stand in the aisle for minutes waiting….

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          I don’t really care who you agree with. They were perfectly in the rights to go through a cross that the gates went up. You obviously have never crossed a track with gates. These gates will flash for several minutes after they’ve gone up.

          You’re just another armchair analyst who thinks they know what is right and wrong and what insurance will or won’t pay for. LOL!

    • LeStori

      OK. Looking at this video I cannot determine how you determined the truck driver was white. Presumably only white people drive trucks in the USA.

      • John

        the color of the truck’s exterior is white…. what the hell is wrong with you. finally found your chance to let one off?

      • Jay

        The bonnet/hood looks to be white so they assumed the rest of the truck was white

        • Randy Terpstra

          The driver, of the white truck, is an idiot too.. Fixed.

      • Garlic

        Are you serious?

      • Ron

        Sooo, would we then assume that the locomotive driver is black?

        • Jay


    • SteersUright

      Why all the vitriol? Totally not her fault! The bars went up and then down in almost a single motion. She then panicked as a speeding TRAIN was heading right for her. The only idiots are whoever programmed those bars to not stay down with a train dangerously moments away from innocent drivers. Thank goodness she had the sense to abandon her car and they’ve got some nerve charging her with anything. In fact, I can easily see a talented attorney spinning the charges leveled against her entirely around given her life was placed at risk as a result of a faulty traffic safety mechanism, something the city is to be held accountable for.

      • Knotmyrealname
        • Ron

          They forgot one on this list.

          6. If you see a huge black freight train barreling down the tracks.

        • SteersUright

          You copy and paste the rules as if you prove any sort of point, outside of your own ignorance. The bars went up, indicating it was safe to cross. They then immediately went down again and trapped the poor girl. Copy and paste more silly bullsh*t, it still doesn’t account for the defective railroad crossing bars that simultaneously went up and then down again in an instant and in a very improper manner, with regards to public safety.

          • Knotmyrealname

            Firstly I can say that video shocked me. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but never seen people blithely cross a train crossing without a care like that.
            As I said, and you don’t seem to want to listen, it’s about common sense, and laws are generally derived from common sense. The fact – again – the fact is, she is at fault. Yes, looking at the video you can see there is an element of confusion, but as ‘normal’ humans, we are supposed to be able to sort out even mild decisions like ‘should I cross the railway line now’ pretty easily. For her, again, the fact will be that she won’t have a leg to stand on with either her insurance company or in a court of law, because my argumentative friend, they’ll present the very same (if you like) cut and pasted words in front of her.
            I don’t know you nor do you know me, but these sort of dialogues make me think you’re the sort of person who would suck up my tax dollars fighting cases in court where you are clearly in the wrong, but want to argue on ignorance, bleating “it’s not my fault”. Yet another member of the blameless society.

          • SteersUright

            Lol, “blameless society” being tossed at a girl almost crushed by a train because the crossing beam went up, then down immediately and trapped her? We don’t know each other, you’re right. And thank goodness for that.

          • Knotmyrealname


          • Big Black Duck

            rewatched the video… You are totally correct …not sure what koolaid the rest of the commentators are drinking here

          • Jay

            No, some RR crossings do not even have bars to clock you. You also have to rely on the flashing red lights. If they are flashing which they were then it is not clear to cross. Through the years people disregard that fact and proceed to cross when the bars go up assuming the aren’t in danger or just in hurry and don’t care about the rules.

      • Big Black Duck

        Totally Agree…i wish i dont get caught here

    • Big Black Duck

      change you name to blindman

  • eye.surgeon

    Stalled on the tracks? Looks to me like she just panicked when the barricades went down and she chose to total her car rather than suffer $100 in damage driving through the barricades, which are actually meant to allow you to drive through them in an emergency. Clueless.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      I’m sure you’ve have handled it like a pro in a stressful situation…it’s easy to sit back and watch it than be in the moment and panic.

    • LeStori

      Why even have the barrier to getting off the railway line? Do not have this situation in Australia. Only a barrier on the approach side .

      • Dennis James

        Probably to prevent some drivers passing in diagonal and avoiding the barriers. I have seen it happen. But it’s a stupid and dangerous mitigation, I believe.

    • Garlic

      Exactly, barricades are not so strong. What’s the point of staying there? I don’t understand…

    • Six_Tymes

      exactly, shes an idiot.

  • LJ

    The driver with the dash cam sure took their sweet ass time backing up as well.

    • Six_Tymes

      yep. both idiots.

  • LeStori

    Strange system. Barriers on both sides of the road and on both sides of the railway crossing. In Australia you only have one barrier on each side of the road. Each on the approach side. If you are in her situation you just keep driving . Better the car being off the rail line than on it. I can only guess why they need all these extra barriers?

    • LJ

      Good catch. I’m from Chicago, and every railroad crossing I’ve seen has only had the gate on one side. I wonder why this one has them on both?

    • Dennis James

      I think the extra barriers are there to prevent crossing in diagonal and avoiding the barriers.

    • Harlan McCartney

      Lawsuits, people in accidents blaming the railroad as they could drive around a single arm.
      And they won……
      Also these barriers are hinged so you can drive through them from the rail side, but not towards the tracks. All without damaging your car, other then paint scratches.

  • Jay

    She had more time to back up her car or move forward out of the way heck she could’ve went to china then back before totaling her car.. even though she panicked she’s 100 percent at fault for accident.

    • Dennis James

      When you see a train approaching your car, I’m not sure it’s as easy to make the right decision as it is from behind a computer 🙂

      • Jay

        If you’re in the car you reverse or drive forward. Behind a screen, truck, or a bus I’m just gonna move my car out of the way the best way I can if something is headed towards me. I can see if she just nearly got away but it was a good amount of time for her to move. There was at least twenty-five seconds after she put her car in park.. twenty-five seconds Dennis…. That Avalon could go 0-60 in under ten seconds.. As I said earlier, I realize that she panicked and didn’t realize how much time she had but shes still at fault.

      • SteersUright

        Exactly right. There seem to be so many “brave” souls who state from their comfortable perch, that they would’ve without a doubt done this or that differently. Where’s the empathy?

    • SteersUright

      Wrong. Utterly, flatly, completely wrong. For all we know you may have had a code-brown, froze solid in your soiled underpantsy fear, and totaled your car along with causing injury/damage whoever would’ve tried to save you. You cannot speak for this poor girl and its offensive that you level criticism at her.

      • Jay

        So you dont agree that she panicked and left the car way too early?? Because that’s definitely what I said..

        • SteersUright

          Ok, you’re right Jay. She should’ve sat there a bit longer, thought about doing the right thing and risked her life trying to save her precious car until just before the train smashed it. Very well thought out course of logic, hard to refute.

          • Jay

            Or, not stopped the car at all.. she could’ve just kept driving straight. Instead of stopping just continue to move out of the way.. she stopped like a dear in headlights and was scared.. so she ran but as you can see in the video clear as day she had time to move.

  • SirVeil

    High Point Nc isn’t a small P.O.-dunk country town. However, it turns into an international hub twice a year for the International Furniture Market. Natuzzi has their headquarters there. Rather article, I frequent theAmtrak and have been aboard 2 southbound trains that once killed a woman walking on the tracks and then on another occasion crashed into a car, similar to this instance. This happens frequently, unfortunately.

  • Larry Smith

    It is a federal railroad requirement that” crossing gates be down and parallel to the crossing 5 seconds before the train occupies the crossing.”
    As I see this the gates were still coming down as the train hits the car. Don’t argue with me, look it up.

  • no25

    Damn, some of y’all are so rude. Blaming the woman? Really? The bars went down after she crossed. If you watch the video, they bars went down then went back up and then back down again. So all the cars that went probably assumed the bars were staying up since it went back and forth so many times. Lights flash when the bars go down AND up, so enough with the “well she should’ve seen the flashing lights.”
    It’s crazy to me how people can call the lady an idiot when she could’ve been seriously injured if she didnt exit her car, but I guess that’s what happens when you put people behind a computer screen – they think they know everything.

    • Jay

      we’re blaming her because she drove onto the track, had time to stop, put it in park, get out, have a quick chat, run. stop, then run again. count the time yourself as the dash cam has the time stamp for you. even though the gates malfunctioned the lights were working fine so she should have waited until they went off.

    • Knotmyrealname

      She drove into the crossing while the lights were flashing. Bad move, and she paid the price. The upshot is – it’s her fault. Simple.

    • supermanuel

      Spot on DDas. There’s sanctimonious BS flying all over the place on here.

  • BlackPegasus

    I was fully prepared to call this woman a stupid fucktwat but it appears the gates were either confusing or simply malfunctioning. She panicked as anyone would do. Why did the gates go up and suddenly down?

  • Besides the gates issue, the driver should have been alert and vigilant at any point crossing the rail tracks..

    • Knotmyrealname

      ….and again, not enter the crossing whilst the lights are flashing.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        and again…you’ve never crossed a track where there are gates then…I’ve seen them flash for hours in the up position…if no one went while flashing in the up position, it would have miles up backed up people like you, screaming for the “idiot” to go! How do people live with you always being right, and knowing when others do wrong?? You must be a treat at parties.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Awww c’mon! You don’t seem to read or understand. The video clearly shows gates going up but lights still flashing. There is just a common sense approach.
          Is it safe? (As the driver) I’m already taking a risk, perhaps I should look around and see if there are no trains bearing down on me.
          So, now, to the country example of a gate-less crossing with just flashing lights, then after a certain amount of time has passed (maybe a minute) I would perhaps advance to see if there indeed was a train coming. Nothing? Coast is clear? OK, proceed.
          It’s just common sense mixed with self-preservation.

          • supermanuel

            The gates should not have gone up. The train was moments away.

  • McF1

    This an important lesson in why not proceed through a rail crossing until the flashing lights have stopped.
    This should be shown to all learner drivers.

  • Knotmyrealname
    • Auf Wiedersehen

      There you go! A crossing gate is lowered! These gates were down, they all stopped. They were in fact within their right to move across as soon as the gates went up. Thanks for proving my case.

      • Knotmyrealname

        I think if you read it again and consider that the commas mean ‘or’ then it will make more sense. Ergo, if the gates are up, but the lights are flashing (clearly visible electrical or mechanical signal device) or a train approaching within 1500 feet or said train is clearly visible, then don’t cross.
        Put it this way: if you approached a railway crossing in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t gates but just lights – and they were flashing – would you just simply, blindly, cross?

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          We are clearly at an impasse.

          • Jay

            No, you are not supposed to cross while the lights are flashing.

      • SteersUright

        Exactly! Well said!

  • Vassilis

    Why the hell didn’t she crash through the barriers or take the car to the opposite direction or somewhere with more space? Great shame.

  • WTFdoesntCarscoopsPostMyPosts

    Why didn’t she reverse her car off the tracks back to the barrier behind…
    …or drive her car forward off the tracks to the barrier in front…?

  • Ty

    Wonder if the train ever stops or does it keep going?

  • No explosion??? oh wait its not a movie!!!

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