Kia Creates A 422 HP Stinger GT420 “Track Day Monster” After Saving It From The Crusher

Kia Motors UK has turned a Stinger GT S pre-production homologation car into a “track day monster” called the Stinger GT420.

The name is a reference to the model’s power, which has been increased from 365 hp (370 PS) in the standard car to 422 hp (428 PS). The peak torque delivered by the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine has also been raised from 510 Nm (376 lb-ft) to 560 Nm (413 lb-ft).

So how did it come to this? Well, it was Kia UK’s way of saving a pre-production homologation car that otherwise would have had to be crushed. It was the car used for final testing and tuning in the UK, as well as a press car that appeared in many UK car magazines and TV shows such as Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Impressed by the car’s pedigree and the fact that it had clocked up an impressive (for a homologation vehicle) 10,000 miles (16,093 km), Kia UK decided to turn it into a track car.

With support from the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the team got to work on the Stinger420. The list of engine modifications is very long and includes HKS M45il spark plugs for enhanced combustion, a K&N sports air filter, and a lightweight Milltek Sport quad-exit exhaust system with catalysts deleted.

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The automatic transmission was also upgraded with a six-row cooler in place of a four-row item to prevent overheating on the track. Additionally, the gearbox software was recalibrated to provide quicker shifting characteristic in Sport and Sport+ modes.

To successfully turn the road-going Stinger into a track car, the team also removed all unnecessary weight, including the seats and belts, airbags, sound system, interior trim, and rear window regulators. The engine cover, undercovers, parking sensors, boot and bonnet dampers, and rear bumper beam and foam were also taken out.

Furthermore, the rear windows were glued into place and lightweight door cards were installed. Finally, the sunroof was removed and replaced by a steel panel. In total, engineers were able to cut 150 kg (331 lbs) of weight even after the installation of the roll cage, Sparco race seats, belts, fire extinguisher, and underbody stiffening.

To improve track performance, Kia UK also fitted Eibach Pro lowering springs and anti-roll bars, wider OZ Racing Leggera rims shod with Pirelli Trofeo R tires (235/35/R19 at the front and 265/30/R19 at the rear), and uprated Brembo front brakes, among other upgrades.

Rounding off the changes are some visual tweaks that include a Stillen front splitter and rear diffuser, a rear spoiler by Air Design, and an eye-catching wrap.

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  • Benjamin B.

    Do the Koreans know what 420 means in the USA

    • Do you think they care.. Like everything has to be done by American standard…

      • Ben

        To an extent, yes, they care quite a lot actually. If you’re investing hundreds and billions into a business venture, you want to know how the business/product might be received by your largest customer market. Japanese companies rename vehicles to suit Americans and so do American’s. Koreans are not callus or ignorant of culture either.

        Certain things don’t translate, make sense or even come off as offensive. However, 420 isn’t going to scare off buyers and it isn’t going to motivate pot heads to buy the car just because it has “420” stamped on it.

        • bd0007

          At the same time, this is an “one-off” done by the Brits (in conjunction w/ the Germans).

          Kia USA is working on their own track-focused Stinger which will have considerably more power, so wouldn’t use the the GT420 moniker and probably nothing that indicates its HP no.

          • Ben

            Sounds great, source?

    • Evo45

      What does it mean (if appropriate to write here)?

      • Rocket

        It’s a slang reference to marijuana.


    • bd0007

      More like the Brits and Germans (Kia’s UK and German arms were the ones who worked on this).

    • brn

      It only means something in California. There are 49 other states.

      Maybe if they called it the Kia Stinger Mary Jane. 😉

      • boo boo the fool

        dr dre made an album dedicated to 420… I think we all know

  • I’ll say crushed and build a bikecycle,,

    • William rowe

      yea I agree, crush the honda’s and build bikecycles for honda buyers

  • Maykel

    Next gen engine teaser?

    • Leconte Dave

      More powerful version

    • bd0007

      No – still the 3.3TT V6.

      Increased power due to remapping the ECU, diff. air filter, exhaust and spark plugs.

      Could still wring a lot more out of that engine.

      • jimie orleg

        With the linc ECO 3.0 @ 400/400, shouldn’t this 3.3 have been 420ish to start with?

  • Dark Rebel

    Modern cars look so ugly under the hood. Looks like a pill of rubbish.

  • SteersUright

    would like to see a more hardcore stinger announced already.

  • brn

    More photos! My scrolling finger needs a workout.

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