Man Drives Audi Q7 Straight Into A Bullbar-Equipped VW Amarok

Why would somebody drive their car directly into another vehicle despite excellent visibility and a relatively low speed? Besides, it’s not like the driver of this Audi Q7 was asleep at the wheel or anything.

In fact, it almost looks as if seeing the car he was about to hit came as a total shock to him. Sure, the first-generation Q7 had massive A-pillars, but they still wouldn’t be big enough to mask a big blue VW Amarok ute.

And yet, the man driving the Audi had a really bewildered expression on his face, right before he realized he was about to crash. He must have been looking elsewhere, or was probably preoccupied with something other than paying attention to where he was going.

Either way, his car got punished severely for his lack of awareness. In fact, the driver of the Amarok even posted a few images on his personal Photobucket feed, which show just how useful a bullbar can be in situations such as these.

The accident took place in Gungahlin, Australia, a place where bullbars are also called ‘Roo Bars’, since drivers fit them to their vehicles in case they hit any kangaroos – considered a primary road safety hazard Down Under. Could some Audi drivers be gunning for similar considerations too?

In the end, there were no casualties, which is something everybody involved should be thankful for. Although, if we were to feel bad for somebody (or something), it would be that Q7, since it took quite a blow from a nondeformable object.

Note: Mind the language used by the VW driver following the crash


  • Eunos

    The Amarok chassis may be bent. Look at the gap between the bullbar and the fender on each side. Imagine what would happen if he hit a pedestrian even at 10km/h? Those kind of bumpers should be banned in cities.

    • Spyder Hole Fantome

      This accident makes perfect sense to me give they’re both VWs.

  • TrevP

    What is with the Q7’s today? hahah

    • enthusia

      Q7’s are the new Mustangs.

      • TrevP


  • danno

    Could be a tourist in a rental not used to driving on the wrong side of the road.

  • Headache in a suitcase

    Sun blinded is my guess

    • LeStori

      But also aperson who likes to cut corners. I came across a bloke whose car was sitting on a concrete divider at an intersection near my house . He was complaining about hitting it and why the council had put it there. It was there to stop corner cutters like him

      • Headache in a suitcase

        I see this everyday…people turning before the road they are turning on, cutting the lane of oncoming traffic and oncoming traffic on the road they are turning on to.

    • benT

      beer soaked

  • LeStori

    We used to call “bull bars” Roo bars in Australia becausu that is what you are likely to hit. A Kangaroo. Then they decided to call them Bull Bars. Probably because they became trendy. Bull shit Bars.

  • Six_Tymes


  • Jay

    I swear the vw cut me off!!

  • Thunderbolt

    The ‘lowest price’ sign was a distraction. I would ask the blood sucking lawyer to start from there.

  • Althea Later

    The thick windshield pillars definitely played a part in this. As a driver, you have to take these blind spots into account and compensate for them. As the Audi driver is turning, you can see the windshield post blocking his face. Still, no excuse.
    The other video where the bicyclist got hit in a parking garage… that was a turning Audi SUV also!

  • Knotmyrealname

    I read what you’re saying, but looking at the video, the bull bar didn’t even budge.

  • Ragged clown

    Pretty obvious to me that the sun was in the Q7’s eyes and the vw was in the shade. Combined with a fat A-pillar and it’s totally understandable, but that’s no excuse. The situation called for more caution than was demonstrated, obviously.

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