Street Race Between Mustang And Mercedes-AMG A45 Ends Horribly Wrong

While street racing is both illegal and extremely unsafe, if you happen to come upon two or more cars blasting through traffic, as if real life was nothing more than a video game, all you can do is hope for a peaceful resolution where nobody gets hurt.

As you can see from the footage, that’s not exactly how it went down here, as a Ford Mustang and a Mercedes A45 AMG really got into it on the streets of Seoul, in South Korea.

According to the description of the video, the two cars were driven at speeds of up to 110 mph (177 km/h), which is insanely fast seen as how the current legal limit there is 37 mph (60 km/h) on main roads.

The result of such blatant disregard for the law was the crash you’ve just witnessed, with the Mustang getting spun around, ending up on the sidewalk. We’re just thankful there weren’t any pedestrians there, otherwise this could have turned into a nightmare scenario. Instead, it was only the car that was damaged.

Now, we do have a suspicion that the Mercedes hot hatch may have had something to do with the Mustang losing control the way it did. If you look and listen carefully at the 1:21 minute mark, you will hear the sound of a secondary impact, coinciding with the muscle car sliding towards the sidewalk.

You can see here how the A45 is visible right next to the Mustang as the latter was getting spun around – blink and you might miss it on video.

In the end, all signs point to the two cars making contact. Whether that contact was deliberate or not, there’s no way to tell right now. So while it is possible that the Mercedes driver had ill-intent towards the driver of the Mustang, it’s also possible that any contact between the two cars was incidental.

Which way are you leaning?


  • willhaven

    Can you be any shittier as a driver?

  • Blake

    This guy should be locked up for life. Inches away from killing a pedestrian.

  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    The Mercedes driver was obviously scared of the Mustang.

  • 안상국

    At beginning in Korean they’re saying “This is a race and I’m gonna run every speed limit and red light. I don’t even mind the crash. If I crash, i’m just gonna flee.”
    turns out no you can’t lol

  • charlie bear

    What a bunch morons, there were pedestrian crossing, could have been worse. I hope they jailed both for that.

  • Mind Synthetic

    they must have eaten a mad dog. damn kpopers. send them to NK lol

  • Joe Mosely

    I didn’t see any Mercedes. It looks like the guy on the motor scooter that he passed must have kicked his car and spun him around.

    • Mr. EP9

      That makes no sense.

    • LOL, was the guy on the scooter fricken Superman?!!!

  • Mr. EP9

    Another example as to why street racing is dangerous and dumb.

  • TheBelltower

    100% jail time for the Mustang driver, and only him. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such stupid driving. This was total braindead behavior.

  • Robert Burgess

    It’s not clear the interaction with the mercedes. At the end the mustang do what it does better… Crashes….

  • ErnieB

    I see a caning in his future.. idiots!

  • wccw

    They are both 24 yr old, and they did this for a mere bet to see who gets to the destination faster. They did 110 mph in a 40 mph zone. The news subtitle in the video does say that the Mercedes made contact with the Mustang causing the crash. So that is confirmed. What is even more unbelievable is that during the crash they hit a truck. The Mustang driver says “I can’t start the car again”, suggesting that he was trying to flee from the scene in his car. Since the Mustang wouldn’t start back up, him and his friend abandoned the car and ran away without checking if the truck driver they hit was okay or not. The police ran the license plates and ordered the drivers to turn themselves in, so the next day they did and got arrested. Hope they get punished hard, but since they seem to be rich spoiled kids driving expensive cars, they may be bailed out or something.

  • europeon

    This can mean only one thing: they have “cars and coffee” in Korea.

  • Denny Dunn

    He just gassed it while he was swerving and the the weight was still off of one tire.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I think the chimes are funny. I keep thinking you could transpose a musical sounding “d1ckhead” instead, especially when the crash occurs.

  • Ken Lyns

    How many red lights did he run?

  • Howfarr

    Shame he didn’t die

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