The Most And Least Depreciated Cars, SUVs And Trucks After Five Years Of Ownership

Depreciation is a fact of life and it can be either helpful or hurtful.

When it comes to new cars, depreciation can be especially bad as some models lose most of their value within the first few years of ownership. As part of a study, iSeeCars analyzed more than 7.7 million vehicle sales to determine which models had the best and worst depreciation after five years.

Given the popularity of trucks and SUVs, it comes as little surprise that many of them have low depreciation. The previous-generation Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited topped the list as they only lost 31.5% and 30.0% of their value after five years.

Toyota nabbed the remaining top five spots as the Tacoma (32.0%), Tundra (35.9%) and 4Runner (36.5%) kept a lot of their value. The only cars to break into the top ten were high-performance models such the Porsche 911 (37.2%), Nissan GT-R (39.4%) and Subaru Impreza WRX (40.0%).

On the flip side, the vehicles with the worst depreciation were all cars that fell into two distinct categories – luxury and eco-friendly. The Maserati Quattroporte was the worst overall as the model loses 72.2% of its value after just five years. That’s 22.6% worse than average and the company says it amounts to $95,393.

Speaking of large luxury sedans, the BMW 7-Series wasn’t far behind as it loses 71.3% of its value after five year. Other flagships sedans with high depreciation include the Acura RLX (69.2%) and Jaguar XJL (68.9%).

On the eco-friendly side, the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 have dismal depreciation rates of 71.0% and 70.9%, respectively. This makes them slightly worse than the Ford Fusion Energi (69.1%) and Chevrolet Volt (68.1%).

Savvy shoppers can use this information to select a new vehicle that will likely hold its value better than the competition. Conversely, used car shoppers can get a deal if they select a model with high rates of depreciation.


  • europeon

    The village idiot again with the Chrysler bits lie. Will you ever stop? You’ve been presented with evidence COUNTLESS times, yet you still persist with this BS.

    • Merc1

      Go find a good book about America. Everyone knows this about these Maserati except you.

      Are you telling me that this cars shares no parts with any Chrysler?


      • europeon

        Yes. I am. And I have proved, here on this site, so many times they’re not sharing any parts, I’m sick about it.

        • An Existing Person

          Sorry, but your evidence is not compelling enough when compared to the true product. Anyone with experience in a variety of cars can attest to the FACT that Chrysler parts are shared in not only the Pentastar-based V6, but also in the infotainment system and throughout the hardware of the interior. Some parts may be re-materialized, others are straight taken from an FCA product, but overall still not as quality as it should feel for the ridiculous amount you pay for their products. I love(d) Maserati and what they stood for, but they just aren’t the same. I say this as a former fan because I know they could be SO much better.

          • europeon

            Oh, it’s the other village idiot.

          • Merc1

            Again, no proof just running off at the mouth.

            Proof please.

            Quality? Is that a joke? This car depreciates the way it does because at heart it’s overpriced Chrysler, albeit a very desirable one.


          • europeon

            So BMW 7, 6 and 5 series, which depreciate in margin of error 2-4%, are overpriced Chryslers too? Probably the AMG Mercs, which are very close are too.

          • Merc1


            Do you have history of drug use?


        • Merc1

          Then on your way to get a book about America, check into a good hospital.

          You have given NO PROOF here of anything, you’ve only run your mouth.

          Anyone SIGHTED person can SEE the Chrysler switchgear in these cars.


          • europeon

            It’s Mercedes switchgear and it’s vastly improved over the Mercedes’ counterparts. You just proved you lack even the basic understanding skills, as this information was presented to you at least 3 times on this site.

          • Merc1

            Hilarious. The infotainment and other swtichgear came from the Chrysler 300!!!! Some of that is from the W210 E-Class from the 90’s. YOU’RE DONE. This car is nothing but a dated parts bin special and that is why it is the worst depreciating car on the market.


  • Ermal Morina

    Looks like BMW is leading the depreciation game god damn

  • Kash

    I’m just curious to see how the JL Wrangler stacks up in 5 years compared to the JK, because right now the JK’s are holding their value way better than JL’s, 2-3 year old JK’s, even in used sales, are selling for more money than 1 year old JL’s in a few instances.

    • europeon

      The quite hefty price increase over the JKs is also something to take into account.

      • Kash

        Very true, so it’ll be interesting to see in a couple years. Honestly I think the JL is gonna be a flop compared to the JK.

    • Honda NSX-R

      I’m wondering how the Gladiators will stack up…

  • Ben

    Value retention is a large reason I bought my TRD 4Runner. I’ve often compared it to a nokia brick phone as a compliment. I love the 4Runner’s true to segment build (body on frame + lever activated transfer 4×4). My ONLY complaint is the lack of power. Its actually not that bad off the line (for a normal vehicle), but passing power is poor, adequate at best.

    If this vehicle had more power, I wouldn’t be looking to sell it. If an opportunity presents itself in the future I’ll be looking to snag a Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, but I doubt those will be depreciating anytime soon. These vehicles might be basic and lack the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day they’re damn good vehicles that last forever.

  • Harry_Wild

    Mercedes G Class. 45% X $140K is $77K! My dream car!

  • Harry_Wild

    Repairs are on the high side of ultra luxury cars! You going be unload it a year after you buy it and loose a lot both on depreciation and repairs!

    • Merc1

      Not if you buy one after all this record depreciation runs it course.


      • Your cost of maintenance and repair will be very high, eating up whatever savings you get from the high depreciation rate…?

  • HD

    I’m jealous. In Europe a 5 years old BMW i3 is only 20-30% off the original price.

  • Six_Tymes

    So, five years from now I will be able to afford a Maserati Quattroporte. I would gladly own a single owner garage kept low mileage one.

  • SgtBeavis

    Anyone surprised by the 1st gen Panamera being on this list?

    Yea, I didn’t think so. Awesome to drive but still terrible looking. I suspect the 2nd gen will do much better. What a damn good looking car.

  • europeon

    Are you seriously linking those bs “articles”, especially dumb demuron’s? They’re all fake and have been debunked.
    Everything comes from Mercedes from the DaimlerChrysler era, parts that were used in cars like GL63AMG and ML63AMG, and apart from a shape resemblance they don’t have anything in common. Those parts are made from better materials, soft touch plastic (PBT, not ABS), REAL metal inserts, they’re LED illuminated and color-coded to the vehicle’s interior. The Chrysler parts are just slabs of plastic. The fact that you’re linking those tells me you’ve never seen a Chrysler switch compared to a Maserati one. Sub-par? Yes, they were sub-par in Mercedes AMG vehicles north of $100k
    As for the engine blocks, they’re just cast in Chrysler’s plant because Ferrari’s foundry couldn’t handle the volumes. That’s where the connection with Chrysler starts and ends, because they’re then shipped to Ferrari’s Maranello factory, machined and assembled there.
    Seriously, get your head out of your a**.

    • An Existing Person

      As I expected, not one single intelligible nor remotely convincing thing was said by you. Who exactly has “debunked” these articles from reliable automotive journalism sites? You’re the only jerkoff that claims they aren’t real and are delusional out of your mind to defend your wild love affair with Maserati. As for Doug Demuro, I don’t like him either but you HAVE to admit that he’s experienced with a vast array of experience in all sorts of cars, so surely he knows a thing or two. At this point, you’re just spewing information for the sake of filling the text bar. Your replies have no substance, no credibility, nonsensical, they are unintelligible, and simply exemplify how moronic you are. On that note, there is no need for me to continue to reply to your child-like and worthless replies, as we both are clearly not going to come to a conclusion. Continue your delusion and I will continue to have my opinion, whether you like it or not. Hope better times come to you and have a nice night!

      • europeon

        I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot, that’s the truth. dumb demuron doesn’t know the difference between the cruise control stalk and the dashboard light intensity switch on a Maserati – and that’s on video, despite them being clearly labelled.
        Funny thing is that you can find all the info I’ve presented right here, on this site. Pictures, part numbers, diagrams, everything.
        And now, welcome to my ignore list.

        • Merc1

          Have you found a good book about America yet?


      • Merc1

        He can’t handle that much truth so he’s putting on his ignore list now. I guess you’ll have to find a way to pick up the pieces of your life and move on lol.

        Loved that post.


        • An Existing Person

          Oh no! I can’t possibly continue living my life knowing that I’m on his “ignore list!!” That was sarcasm, but good riddance. We no longer have to see that moron’s comments.

          • Merc1



  • Merc1

    Wrong. I have been in the car several times now and it feels like a 40-50K car at best, not 100K. Clearly you’re in la la land if you think the interior of this car expensive feeling like a S or 7.


  • europeon Those links are barely reasonable sources. There is so much misinformation about Maserati out there, my head hurts. He literally linked stuff that’s debunked in the comment section of those links. Stuff like dumb demoron’s videos where he proves he is on drugs, because he talks about stuff that’s visible labelled (even in the video) as if it’s something else. Articles with bad information, just like the engine one that can be easily proven wrong just by searching pictures of the engine on the internet (blocks and everything).
    Here’s something should make you at least question all the untrue things floating on the Internet: the switches –

    That one is a Chrysler switch.

    And this one is a Maserati switch.

    The similarities begin and end with the general shape. The Maserati version is made from much better materials (soft coated PBT vs ABS on Chrysler ones), it has real metal inserts, it has LED illumination, and on certain versions it comes color coded to the car’s interior. Yes, if you are a dumb Youtuber you will only notice the shape is about the same and that will be fine for you and the masses of mindless sheep that follow you.

    I don’t know what kind of sad people those that spread false rumors are, but they went so far and said the engines are Pentastars, when they literally share everything but the block with the other Ferrari engines.

    • Merc1





  • FFEMT6

    I would have thought the Kia K900 would have been on this list also. It might be the best ultra luxury preowned bargain on the market.

  • Marcin Lewandowski

    The real winner is Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon Unlimited. It keeps its value much better, than Sport or Sahara, both stateside and “continental”. I tried to find one in EU with Pentastar. The cheapest ones with no extra options (2012) in good shape cost at least 25k USD / 22k EUR. Madness.

    By the way, iSeeCars considered 5YO cars and trucks (2014). I can not see FJ Cruiser, that is pretty valuable on the used car market after all those years…

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